• This is the supply list from West Ada School District 2021-2022

    Huntley 158 Aims to Lower Cost of School Supplies for Families | Huntley  Community School District 158

    I have made comments to optional items.

    Fifth Grade

    • recommended for all grade levels: 
      • backpack, hand sanitizer, facial tissue, clorox wipes
    • composition notebooks (spiral is fine) we will use 3-5 notebooks throughout the year
    • (2 pocket) folders
    • #2 pencils, sharpened (I allow mechanical pencils as long as they are not a distraction)
    • large pink eraser
    • glue sticks
    • dry erase markers 
    • colored pencils
    • ruler with standard and metric 
    • three ring binder (1 inch in size) 
    • college ruled paper 
    • pens
    • highlighters
    • scissors 
    • crayons (optional)
    • multi-color markers (personal preference, but colored pencils will be used on a regular basis)
    • water color paints (not necessary)
    • earbud/head phones (personal preference, we have a class set and they will not be shared)
    • white school glue (optional)