• Day 1: January 21 and 22 - The students will be introduced to the class expectations, rules, and class content. They will also get to know the teacher and their fellow students. 

    • Seating ChartYes, we have one
    • Class QuestionsAnonymous answers
    • Teacher Introduction A few things about me
    • SyllabusReview
    • Remind TextIntroduction
    • WebsiteIntroduction
    • Global PerspectivesWhat do you know?
    • Mr. D. and John GreenAn open letter

    Day 2: January 23 and 24 – The students will begin their study and analysis of sociology. They will be introduced to the history of sociology, they will understand what sociology is and where it originated, and they will be able to define it.

    Journal 1 – In your own words, define sociology? Describe a human behavior or “social structure” you think is interesting, funny, or strange

    • Farmer’s GameGroup Activity
    • Sociology IntroductionInroduction and Discussion
    • History of SociologyNotes
    • Unit 1Terminology and Vocabulary

    Day 3: January 27 and 28 – The students will continue to examine and analyze what sociology is and understand the role it plays in their lives. The students will be able to define sociology, the sociological imagination, and the sociological perspective. 

    Journal 2– Are the following issues and questions concerns and complications for society or for an individual?(Explain your answers in detail.) Is unemployment a personal or public issue? How about obesity? Is it a personal or public issue? Is healthcare a right or a privilege? Is it a personal or public issue?

    • Imagination & Perspectives Notes
    • Sociological Imagination Video Clip
    • Is America the Greatest?Video Clip
    • What If Essay

    Day 4: January 29 and 30 – The students will continue to examine and analyze sociology and understand the role it plays in their lives. The students will be introduced to and be able to define the three theoretical perspectives in sociology.

    Journal 3 – List of as many things as you can that describe you. Do you feel this is how others see you? Why or why not. Do you act different at school than you do at other places? Why or why not. How would you get to Boise State? Give me written driving directions or draw a map to Boise State.

    Day 5: January 31 and February 3 – The students will examine the connection between the modern world they live in and the evolution of society. The students will be able to define and demonstrate their knowledge of the three sociological theoretical perspectives by presenting and performing in a skit for their peers.

    Journal 4 – What role do you currently play in society? Will your role change after you leave high school? Why are why not? How do you feel about the future of the country? How do you feel about the future of education? How do you feel about your future?

    • Unit 1Quiz
    • Did You Know 2019 & 2028Video Clips and Discussion
    • What a Difference a Century MakesDiscussion
    • Abandon ShipAssignment

    Day 6: Febraury 4 and 5 – The students will explore the research methods sociologists use in order to gather information and apply sociology in today’s world. They will be able to define and use the scientific method to gather research for their own research project and social change campaign.

    Journal 5 – After reading the articles, Cheating in American Schools and I Cheated All Throughout High School, answer the following questions. What inferences can you make about the education system? Do you agree with the article? Why or why not? Do you believe cheating is an issue at Rocky Mountain? 

    • Sociological MethodsNotes
    • Sociology Research Vocabulary and Terminology
    • Sociology Research ProjectIntroduction and Assignment
      • Get in groups of two and identify topics for your projects
      • Presentation Expectations Review
      • There will be 2 to 3 hours of class time to work on this project
      • Due Dates February 14 for A day and February 18 for B Day

    Day 7: February 6 and 7 – The students will continue to examine sociological research methods and terminologyas they work in groups to research and discover their sociological issue.  They will identify and determine topics and a hypothesis for their research projects.

    Journal 6 – What is a hypothesis? What are different types of research you can consider for your project? What is the difference between quantitative and qualitative research? What options do you have to present your research to the class?

    • Research ProjectAssignment
      • Get in groups of two
      • Identify topics
      • Write a hypothesis
      • Plan your questions. You must have a least five, but no more than seven.
      • Prepare your PowerPoint

    Day 8: February 10 and 11 – The students will continue to examine sociological research methods and terminology. They will identify and define chapter two vocabulary and determine topics for their research projects and social change assignment. They will also demonstratetheir unit one knowledge in a Jeopardy competition.

    Journal 7 – Is it acceptable for a man to hit a woman? Does wealth make people less ethical? Are brains more important than beauty for success in today’s society? Is Family Guy absurd humor or a reflection of the American culture?

    • Chapter 2Vocabulary and Terminology Review
    • JeopardyUnit 1 Review
    • Research ProjectAssignment
      • Survey
      • Presentation expectations
      • Due dates

    Day 9: February 12 and 13 – The students will continue to analyze sociological research methods as they demonstrate their knowledge by meeting proficiency on a quiz. The students will also exhibit their knowledge of unit one in a Who Wants to be a Millionaire competition.

    Journal 8 – What is your project hypothesis? What type of research are you doing for your project (interview, questionnaire, survey, observations, etc.)? Are your research questions quantitative or qualitative? Are you confident you have research based evidence?

    • Vocabulary QuizChapter 2
    • Who Wants to be a MillionaireUnit 1 Review
    • Research Project Second half of class

    Day 10: February 14 and 18 – The students will continue to explore sociology research methods as they present their research projects. The students will then exhibit their knowledge of unit one by demonstrating proficiency on an exam.

    • Unit 1Test
    • Eight JournalsDue Today
    • Research PresentationsSecond half of class