• January update!

    Posted by Katelyn Miller on 1/24/2020

    Hello Families!

    What have we been up to in third grade? We have been very busy wrapping up our study of area in math. We are moving on to a brand new module and concept for students... fractions! We will spend the next several weeks working on understanding fractions as numbers. Please check out the module 5 parent tip sheet (HERE) to see how you can support what we are doing in the classroom at home! As always, please check your student's folder for the daily practice we do in math each day. This will give you an idea of what we are working on and will allow for some great discussion between you and your student about their understanding of the new concepts. 

    In reading, we continue to work through weekly stories and focusing on deeper level comprehension skills and strategies. Students have been building their reading stamina and ability to use evidence from text to support answers to comprehension quesitons they are given. Reading with your student each night and discussing the plot and asking questions about the events and characters is a great way to support your student's reading development in third grade! 

    In writing, we are starting the work of researching topics for our informational reports! While most of the work is being done here at school, students will be bringing some information home about the research project next week. 

    Last week, we began the start of the second half of the school year! Can you believe it is flying by so quickly? While it is cruising by, I'm amazed at how much growth and learning our students have shown throughout this first half of the year. Each week we reflect on our learning, where we are in our understanding of concepts based on the learning targets, and how we can use our learner qualities to meet our goals. Ask your third grader... "What is the goal you have set in your class? What are you doing to meet that goal?" Also ask, "What learner qualities do you use in third grade to help you meet your goals? Can you name the six learner qualities Chief Jo students use?" 

    Speaking of the second half of the year... have you checked out your student's progress for the first half of the year? Grades for the first semester have been posted on PowerSchool. Please remember that these grades reflect where students are right now in their learning. The end of year goal is a 3.0 in all priority standards, and we will continue to work hard each day in class to achieve a 3.0 proficiency level in the priority standards for all content levels. 

    What's coming up? Please take a look at the reminders and important dates listed below.

    Thurs., Feb. 13th- STEM night here at CJE! 5-7 PM

    Fri., Feb. 14th- Valentine's Day Party- Class lists will be sent home for Valentines next week. We will be making bags for Valentine's Day here in class. I'll be sending more infomration detailing our celebration next week.

    Mon., Feb. 17th- No School, President's Day

    Tues., Feb. 25th- Field Trip to Philharmonic- more info to come! 

    Fri., Feb. 28th- No School- Teacher Collaboration 



    • Please check out Semester 1 grades on PowerSchool!
    • Take a look at our new math module Parent Tip Sheet HERE to see how you can help support your student at home with the work we are doing in the classroom
    • Reading each night for 15-20 minutes AND discussing the events of the story, making predictions, and asking questions about the text will help strengthen your student's reading skills
    • Looking for a way to strengthen your student's math skills? Doing Zearn at home on a computer or tablet aligns directly with the work we do in class. If you need login information for your student, please let me know!
    • Please keep a close eye on folders coming home over the next couple of weeks! Lots of information coming home about school events, class projects, field trips, and Valentine's Day are set to go home soon!


    Finally, thanks to all of you for sharing your kiddos with me and all of your continued support! :) 

    Love, Ms. Miller



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  • Thank You!

    Posted by Katelyn Miller on 10/24/2019

    Thank you so much for such fantastic parent teacher conferences! I loved getting the opportunity to talk with you about your student and how they are progressing in third grade so far. I'm so proud of each and every one of our students and how hard they are working. There is so much to be proud of! Thanks to you for all you do to support us from home!

    Please check out a few updates to our Website! In the Class Documents section, you can find two new documents- Module 2 & Module 3 Parent Tip Sheets. These are quick, one-page documents that let you know how you can support your student at home with the math we are doing in the classroom! We are wrapping up module 2 now and will begin module 3 shortly. 

    In the Web Resources section, I've added a link to our students' favorite skip counting songs. These are fantastic songs to listen to and practice skip counting as students begin to work on memorizing their multiplication facts. 

    After our Harvest Party Celebration this coming week, I'll also add October photos to the Photo Gallery section. :) 

    Thanks again for all of your support!


    Ms. Miller :) 

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  • Parent Night!

    Posted by Katelyn Miller on 9/26/2019

    Hello Families!

    I hope you're having a great week. :)

    Thanks to all who were able to attend last night's parent meeting! It was short and sweet. Your student is bringing home a small packet of info if you missed the meeting- info about SeeSaw, accessing Zearn (math program) from home, and information about volunteering in our classroom if you're interested.

    I'm also attaching the PowerPoint presentation to take a look at if you're interested. 

    Thanks again for all you do to support us!

    Parent Night PowerPoint

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  • Calendar Updates!

    Posted by Katelyn Miller on 9/12/2019

    Please check out the calendar link to see some upcoming important events!

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  • First Week in the Books!

    Posted by Katelyn Miller on 8/30/2019

    Happy Friday!

    It has been a great first week of third grade! I hope your student has shared with you all the activities we've been working on this week. In math, we've begun our exploration into multiplication! Please check out our Module 1 Tip sheet (located in Class Documents link) to learn about what your third grader will be learning throughout this module and how you can help support them at home. :) 

    In reading, we read our first shared story called A Fine, Fine School. This week, we focused on story structure and all the elements that make up a fiction story- setting, characters, problem, solution, and central message or lesson of the story. We also began practicing our reading workshop procedures. 

    We also had fun with several getting-to-know you activities, sharing ME bags, community circles, and collaborative activities. We are ending our week with some Friday catch-up and our first art project!

    A couple reminders-

    • Thanks to your support and encouragement at home reminding your third grader to bring their daily folder home each day and return it the following morning! Thank you for taking a look at the items and practice inside the folder and talking with your third grader about it. :) 
    • I hope you've enjoyed reading with your third grader each evening! This daily practice at home is a great way to connect with your student and helps build their reading and writing skills here in the classroom.
    • Thanks to all who have returned the items sent home in the manilla envelope at Meet & Greet! Once you've completed the required items inside, please send the contents back to school with your third grader. :) 

    Have a wonderful weekend! 

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  • First Day of Third Grade!

    Posted by Katelyn Miller on 8/26/2019

    We had a GREAT first day! We started with lots of procedural stuff and the ins and outs of our new classroom! We read a fun story called "First Day Jitters", and even had a special drink that helped us get rid of any jitters we had about third grade!

    I hope you saw your student's daily folder come home today! Inside, you'll find some info about this folder, as well as a take-home activity. Students can work on their Me Bags this week and return them once finished to share with the class.

    Please check out the rest of this website, in particular the ABCs of third grade document! That should answer most quesitons that you may have. If it doesn't, please reach out and let me know! :) 

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  • Welcome!

    Posted by KATELYN MILLER on 8/13/2019

    Hello! Check out this page on our class site for updates about what's happening in class. I look forward to seeing you and your student at our upcoming Meet & Greet, on Friday, 8/23 @ 3 PM!


    :) Ms. Miller

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