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    Hi Everyone! 

    I understand during these next few weeks some students and parents may be stressed of what is going to happen. Currently, until further notice, we as a district believe after these two weeks, things will hopefully get better and plan on returning to school March 30th. If there are any changes, you all will be updated. 


    As of right now, please continue to work on your poetry analysis packet #2, I added the document file to my website if you need it. The poetry booklet submission is open on Turnitin for you to submit upon completion. I also added a file to a rubric checklist for you all. If there are any concerns or questions during this time please reach out and I am happy to help! 


    Assignment Links: 

    Poetry Analysis Packet Two 

    Poetry Portfolio Rubric 


  • Below you will find the course calendar as well as the course assignments. On the left is the calendar that will have day to day activities posted and assignments. When you click on the day you will find the PPT, handouts, and resources from that day's lesson. On the right side you will find a list of assignments. To access list of assignments select month and year, then click filter. 



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