• Welcome to English 10!

    I am excited to help you all navigate through sophomore year and hope by the end of the year you feel more confident in your reading and writing skills. 

    A main focus going into this year is preparing you for the PSAT and ISAT. The English portion of the PSAT/ISAT focuses on analysis of various reading passages being able to identify theme, intent, grammar errors, and words in context. Our focus throughout unit one is building on vocabulary, grammar, and rules of notice in fiction and non-fiction literature. 

    Throughout the year we will continually build on your knowledge of a range of reading and writing strategies that can apply not only in an English classroom. 

  • Below you will find the course calendar as well as the course assignments. On the left is the calendar that will have day to day activities posted and assignments. When you click on the day you will find the PPT, handouts, and resources from that day's lesson. On the right side you will find a list of assignments. To access list of assignments select month and year, then click filter. 


    Turnitin: TBD 


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