• Chief Joseph has adopted the “The Learning Pit” as a tool to help our students develop a growth mindset to embrace challenges in their learning journey and to understand that learning is hard work.

    A study by Harvard University shows we learn a lot about ourselves when learning doesn’t come easy.  Resilience can be learned and is a necessary skill for all of us to get through those tough moments in life.  At CJE we want our students to think critically and solve complex problems.  To achieve that competency, students need to persevere and be resilient when they are challenged in their learning.

    The Learning Pit analogy is important in that it gives students control over their own learning.  The goal of the Learning Pit for students (as well as teachers) is to understand that learning is supposed to be a challenge.  Students are able to recognize when learning is hard or when they are in the pit. So don't worry when they say, “I was in the pit today.” It's a good thing, learning is happening.

    Below is an example of the Learning Pit.

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