• This section has ALL of the classroom details (more than you probably want to know).  

    Classroom Behavior Expectations

    - Treat peers and teacher with respect

    - Always try your best; some work is better than no work

    - Ask questions if you don’t understand

    - Actively participate in classroom learning

    - Follow school rules

    - Be seated and ready to learn when the bell rings

    - Bring all material to class every day

    - Check the class website for missing work: http://www.westada.org/vms/korfanta


    Classroom Policies

    - Progress Checks (Tests) will make up almost your entire grade.

    *Math 8 will cover about 14 big concepts each semester, and you will be tested over every concept at least twice in class. For each concept, I will post your MOST RECENT grade, not including retakes. 

    *Once you've taken all the in-class Progress Checks on a concept, you can retake the Progress Check on that concept. I will only record retake grades if they are higher than your current grade. 

    *All practice work (most often this will be homework) must be turned in to retake any Progress Check. 

    - Practice Packets are for practice only and are not calculated into your grade. HOWEVER, without practice, it is unlikely you will do your best on Progress Checks. 

    - Students must sign-out to use the bathroom. Please be aware of your timing, if I'm talking to the class you will miss important information if you choose to leave the room. 

    - Students must be dismissed by me at the end of the classroom to ensure supplies were put away properly. Please no lining up by the door. 

    - As per the school policy, cell phones will NOT be allowed in the classroom and must remain in your locker if you bring one to school. 

     - 100% of your grade will be assessments (Progress Checks-90% and Final Exam-10%)


    Classroom Procedures

    Progress Checks and Practice Packets

    -We will have a Progress Check about every 2 weeks.

    -There will be one practice packet for you to work on between each Progress Check. I will give you a new practice packet the class period after every Progress Check and it will be collected the day you take your next Progress Check. 

    -Whenever possible, the day before a Progress Check, we will have an in-class workday to finish up practice packets, go over any questions, and check answers. If there is enough time, we will also go over the rubric the next day's Progress Check.

    -Students will be expected to record their scores on Progress Checks. I will do my best to make sure we have time to track these scores during class time.

    *While scores will be recorded in PowerSchool, the student-tracker will help you keep track of any concepts you might want to retake or which concepts you've already mastered and therefore don't have to take another Progress Check on. 


    Day-to-Day Stuff

    -Sign-out on the sheet by the door and take the hall pass if you leave the classroom 

    -The daily agenda will be posted if you'd like to know what we're doing on any given day.

    -Once you're in the classroom, please take your seat and begin to work on the warm-up. As long as you are in your seat, you may discuss the warm-up problem(s) with your group.

    -Follow any other directions posted on the board until I start the class. 

    -Unless I give you permission, please don't pack up until the last minute of class.

    -Wait for me to dismiss you. I might have more info. to give you.

    -If you're absent, please check the website or talk to me during break to find out what you missed.


    Working in Groups

    This course uses Study Teams to help students. There are many reasons teams are beneficial, the few I really like are:

    -During group discussion, you get an additional opportunity to process ideas by putting your thoughts into words 

    -Because you have multiple team members, you have access to more than one explanation of an idea

    -With 2 or 3 other people already at your table, you get faster help. There's only 1 of me and often 32 of you. Most of the time, your group members can answer questions you have and they can do it almost immediately, whereas I'm constantly moving around the room checking on all my students so it might be a couple of minutes until I'm able to come and check-in with you. 

    There are lots of other reasons which I'm happy to talk to you about, or even show you the research on if you're interested in Study Teams. 

    While working in groups we use these group norms: 

    1) No talking outside your team. 

    2) Discuss questions with your team before calling the teacher over. 

    3) Within your team, keep your conversation on math. 

    4) Explain and justify your ideas: give statements and reasons.

    5) You must try to help anyone in your study team who asks.

    6) Helping your teammate does not mean giving answers. Help by giving hints and asking good questions. 

    7) No one alone is as smart as all of us together. Do not leave anyone behind or let anyone work ahead. Your team is not done until everyone is done. 

    8) Clear off tables before getting to work so you can see everyone's paper. 

    9) You must use study team voices.

    I know study teams might be new for some of you, and they likely look different than other math classes you've seen before. I promise you'll still be able to get the help you need as long as you ask for it, which of course something you're already used to. With teams, you just have a lot more people you are able to ask for help. 

    Every day I'll be moving from group to group checking on all students and helping you understand the math concepts and how to use them. My job is to make sure my students learn the concepts covered by Math 8. Research shows that having you copy my work doesn't mean you learn, especially because there are always multiple ways to solve problems (even math ones!). Think of me as your sherpa; I'll lead you up along the path, I'll even help you with your luggage, but I can't climb the mountain for you ;).