• New work(phase 2):

    Each week lessons (videos and practice) will be posted as well as a “Check for Understanding” (like a quiz). Watch the videos and do the practice problems on your own time and when you are ready, you can email me and I will send you the link for the “Check for Understanding”. Do not send pictures of your practice problems; practice is not going in the gradebook. Only your grade for the “Check for Understanding” will go in the gradebook, as long as it does not lower your grade (it will be exempt if it lowers your grade). 


    Old work(phase 1):

         You may complete (or re-do) any of the following assignments. Take a picture of your assignment and email it to me so I can update your grade. Also email me if you would like to retake any quiz or Test.

    For help on any of the previously learned topics, click on these documents

    Math 1 - Mod 5B - Exponents and Polynomials”  and Math 1 – Mod 5A - Solving Systems of Equations”. 


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