About the CTE Early Childhood Education Pathway:

    The classes are designed to prepare students for employment in entry-level positions in the field of early childhood care and related services. The purpose is to develop the skills necessary to support primary-age kids emotionally, socially and mentally in order to help prevent struggles in elementary school. These classes are meaningful for future parents, educators, medical professionals or any human development related career. 

    Program Requirement:

    Students must pass a background check to participate and provide self transportation to off campus child centers and related sites. 

    Classes in the Pathway:

    Parenting and Child Development - 10th grade class; taught at large home high schools

    Early Childhood Education - 11th grade class; taught at Meridian High School (Students from the other zoned home high school may travel to take this class.)

    Advanced Early Childhood Education - 12th grade class; Students must provide self transportation to off-campus child care sites.
    This senior-level class includes an internship opportunity at a local early childhood center assisting with infants, toddlers, &/or children with special needs. In addition to these interactive experience, the class content covers the necessary skills needed to manage the day-to-day operations of a child care center including the record keeping, arrangement of the physical learning spaces and additional relevant responsibilities in order to successfully teach and mange a classroom, center and/or work as a paraprofessional. Students may earn or renew their CPR credentials as well.  


    Shannon Phillips

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