Grading Policy



    Students will be given many assignments that are assessed in different ways.  Some assignments are simply practice and will be scored; however, they are worth 0% of the grade and are used as a plotting point for the teacher to assess the students’ areas of strength and weakness.  These assignments will be marked in the “Practice” section of PowerSchool.  Although a grade will appear, it will not impact the grade in the class.


    Other assignments that are graded include formative and summative assignments: 


    Formative assignments are assignments that the student does to eventually meet the various standards.  Formal assignments make up 20% of the total grade.  These are marked as “Classwork.”


    Summative assignments are assignments that are scored based on learning.  These scores show how well the student is (or is not) achieving the grade level expectations for the various standards.  Summative assignments make up 80% of the total grade.  These are marked as “Assessments” in PowerSchool.


    The Summative Assessments coincide with the various standards we cover throughout the year.


  • Standards Grades:

    As our district moves towards the implementation of Standards- Based Grading, there will be some assignments (summative) that are scored according to the achievement of the standard.  These will be scored on a 1-4 grading scale.  The scores will then be transferred to a percentage score. 

    4 = (The student has achieved the standard above grade-level)


    3= (The student has achieved the standard at the expected grade level) This is the TARGETED goal.


    2 = (The student is approaching the standard but has not yet met the standard)


    1 = (The student is below grade level for the particular standard; intervention or reteaching may be required)


    Grading Codes:


    What it means...

    Green Check


    Assignment was turned it but not  yet  scored.

    Blue Square


    Assignment was not finished.

    Green Square


    Student was absent when   assignment was given.

    Yellow Square


    The assignment was not turned in or is with the NO NAMES.

    Red Square


    Assignment was turned in past due date.  Late work may only be turned in 2 weeks past due date. 


    Our test retake policy allows a student to retake an ASSESSMENT (see left) one time.  Only ASSESSMENTS are allowed to be retaken.  A student must have all missing assignments turned in before a retake contract will be accepted. 


    1. Student must complete a RETAKE CONTRACT and complete ALL missing work for that class.

    2. Student must meet with the teacher to discuss retake. This must be done before or after school; during break; or during lunch. 

    3. Retakes must be taken within 2 weeks of original ASSESSMENT graded date.