Classroom Management

  • We work together to create a positive space for learning by following rules with excellence. This means we understand the expectations and abide by them each day. This precision carries over into our academics and builds our character. Most importantly, it ensures we protect everyone’s right to learn and enjoy school. 

    Discovery Way

    We will review expectations extensively. Through modeling and practice, students will understand what behaviors are acceptable. Likewise, they will know that if they break a rule, it is their choice and choices bring consequences. If a student needs multiple reminders or corrections in one day, I will contact parents to formulate a better plan for the next day. This simple, but precise plan will enable us to focus on learning. If you have any questions, please contact me so we can further discuss your concerns. Thank you for your support.

Homework/Missing Work

  • Students should read for a minimum of 20 minutes at home each day. Help your child visit the library and read every day. To stay informed about our classroom learning activities, check our website.


    We complete most work during class. If your child is struggling to complete tasks at school, he/she will be expected to finish at home. When a student is absent, he/she may need to make up work at home. 



  • If your child feels like a small snack would help him/her feel more alert and ready to learn, he/she may bring something to eat during the day. Due to school policies, students will not be able to share snacks with each other. Please keep in mind that we will continue to follow our daily routine around snacks, so something simple and clean is best. Similarly, water bottles are welcome if they will aid your child. Please send only water so spills are easier to manage.


    Our wonderful office staff helps make birthdays special at school. Our district policy prohibits sharing treats at school on birthdays.


  • Standards-Based Grading:

    Grades indicate students’ mastery of learning targets. Reporting mastery levels show how your student performs in each standard. This communicates areas of strength and weakness and guides instruction at school and home. See the District Policy.

    What Do the Acronyms Mean?

    • BAS = Basic or Score 1

      • Student does not demonstrate new or different content. Requires the teacher's full assistance to meet criteria.

      STR = Strategic or Score 2

      • Student meets a simpler learning intention. Ex. Student understands vocabulary, can perform simpler procedures, shows understanding of isolated details, and can meet criteria with some teacher assistance.

      PRO = Proficient or Score 3

      • Student meets learning intention independently. This is the target. Ex. Student has achieved the grade-level standard.

      ADV = Advanced or Score 4

      • Student demonstrates deeper understanding that goes beyond what was explicitly taught. Ex. Student produces complex explanations and skills.​

    Grading to the End of Year Target: 

    • Students should achieve Proficient or Advanced on grade-level standards by the end of the year. Please track your child's progress using PowerSchool and view his/her district report card that will be posted at the end of the year.