• WELCOME to 8th Grade Treble Clef Choir! 


    Documents to Read, Sign and Turn In: 

    VMS Choir Syllabus 2019

    VMS Choir Grading Policy 2019

    All assignments and upcoming events will be up on the Class Calendar.  Any information for 8th Grade Treble Clef Choir on the calendar will be highlighted in Purple or Grey if it is for all choirs.  All events for this class will also have an abreviation for the class in addition to the color. 

     Concert Music: These are the songs we will be singing at the upcoming concert. These are links you can use to practice your music. When we have practice tracks up and ready, we will upload those as well.

    8th grade treble "La Lluvia" La Lluvia-----Stephan Hatfield

    "Hold Fast to Dreams" https://www.jwpepper.com/sheet-music/media-player.jsp?&type=audio&productID=10406249 

    "Sansa Kroma" https://www.jwpepper.com/sheet-music/media-player.jsp?&type=audio&productID=3106291 


    WILLINGNESS TO TRY is vital to your success in Choir this year.  You may love singing, or have signed up for the class because your parents want you to try it.  No matter the reason, you will enjoy your time more if you come able to admit that choir isn't the worst thing in the world, in fact when you think about it, it's pretty high up on the list of things that aren't that bad.  Once you start trying, you'll find success at your finger tips.  I promise!



    We will decide on class norms and "rules" when school starts, but here are my expectations of every student, every day, every time they walk into the building: 

    1. be kind - everyone is fighting a battle we know nothing about.

    2. don't judge others - we're all doing our best (even me).  

    3.  smile - life is better when we smile.

    4.  work hard - you'll love the reward! 



    The most important part of the class is that you bring a pencil to class every day.  I can not emphasize this enough - BRING A PENCIL.  We take notes in our music, we write down reflections, we turn in music theory sheets, we learn by doing and part of doing is writing.  

    We provide a folder for all music we work on.  We give you all the music too.  We even give you a slot in a choir cabinet to put your folder and your music and your PENCIL.  

    I encourage you to bring a water bottle if you would like.  We use our voices a lot and you may need a drink - bring a water bottle!







    Performance Attendance Letter 

    There are 4 evening concert dates this year.  It is the expectation at Victory Middle School that you attend your choir concerts, however it is not a graded activity.  Choir is a team activity and every member of the team matters.  We are a performance class and so two questions need to be asked - if we don't have performances, why are we rehearsing? If you don't want to perform with your team, why are you in choir?  Every student and family will sign a committment sheet at the beginning of their time in choir agreeing to participate in the concerts.

    With only 4 concerts a year, these are rare and very important events. If you have practice for a sport, I ask that you and your family speak with your coach ahead of time and arrange for you to be at the concert. Think of your concerts as being like a game (but you only get 4 all year); relative to how many practices you have for your sport, we don't have many concerts and so it is so important that you join us on stage!

    Of course conflicts come up around concert dates.  I will be setting concert dates as soon as I possibly can and have them set for the year so that families can prepare sufficiently.  Hopefully by having these dates so early, we can prevent most conflicts.  However, if you have a concern or need to speak with me about a concert date, feel free to email me at atkinson.aimee@westada.org.

    There will be additional opportunities for performances this year. As they arise, there will be plenty of notice through email, this website, and in class. I encourage each and every one of you to participate as much as you want to in these extra events - these are the memories of Middle School!  We have All State Choir, Honor Choir, Steelheads Game Night, and more!


    Anxiety about having the "perfect" outfit?  Worried about having to buy an outfit you'll never wear again?  Welcome to the coolest choir outfits ever!  

    Students wear jeans (please without holes or rips: nice clean jeans), and Victory Colors on top.  Victory colors are light blue, navy blue, grey, or white.  Students can wear a VMS shirt or sweatshirt if they want to but it is not needed.  T-shirts are ok (without writing on them), polo shirts, dress shirts, and top that meets dress code and is in light blue, navy blue, white, or grey.  I'm not picky about shoes (I hope they are comfortable, you'll be standing a while).

    Hair needs to be up off the shoulders and our of the face.  Singers communicate with their faces, and we want to see those faces in a performance.  Please have a clean face (make-up is not necessary, just a washed face is good).  

    Questions? email me at atkinson.aimee@westada.org


    Additional Resources: