• After students complete the testing process and qualify for Gifted & Talented services, a GT Facilitator will explain the service options available to your student and assist families with enrollment. 

    IMPORTANT DATES for Fall 2021:

    Teachers return to schools: August 20, 2021

    Meet & Greet Opportunities/Re-enrollment for 2021-2022: Between August 26th and September 3rd, 2021-Your GT Facilitator team will communicate with you about the specific date(s)

    First Week of GT Services 2021: After Labor Day (September 6, 2021)

    Last Week of GT Services: Week of May 23, 2022



    Weekly In-Person GT Schedule

     9:30 a.m. - 1:30 p.m.



    Grades 1 & 2



    Grade 3



    Grade 4


    Grade 5