West Ada Math Overview

  • The new Idaho Content Standards were adopted for Math in 2011.  School districts then began to train their teachers and transition toward using them.  West Ada began using new math materials in the fall of 2013.  However, this was a big change.  It wasn’t just that the standards had been updated or tweaked, but they were significantly different in some very important ways.  These new standards represented a different way of teaching math than most adults had grown up learning.  In fact, there were three essential shifts: 

    1. A focus on fewer topics
    2. An improved K-12 skill sequence
    3. A balance of conceptual understanding, efficient and flexible procedural skill, and application 

    To read more of this Math Overview, visit our West Ada Math Help website.

CPM Math Overview

  • Middle school math teachers will be using a curricular resource, CPM Core Connections Courses 1-3, to teach your student the grade-level Idaho Content Standards for Mathematics. 

    Your middle school student will have their own physical copy of the textbook and access to an electronic textbook (e-book) to use in both the classroom and home this year.  
    This textbook bases their approach to math learning on three guiding principles: cooperative learning, problem-based learning, and mixed, spaced practice.

    1. Cooperative Learning:  Students learn ideas more deeply when they discuss ideas with classmates.
    2. Problem-Based Learning:  Students learn ideas more usefully when they learn by attacking problems – ideally from the real world.
    3. Mixed, Spaced Practice:  Students learn ideas more permanently when they are required to engage and re-engage with the ideas for months or even years.

    For a more detailed explanation of math for your student and the three guiding principles, please read our document entitled "Letter to Parents"

    For more information on CPM’s research base, please visit http://cpm.org/research-base.

Math 8 Core Connections Course 3 Resources

  • To access resources for CPM Core Connections Course 3, such as:

    • Table of Contents,
    • Correlation documents that align the lessons to the Idaho Content Standards,
    • Lesson Resource Pages,
    • Toolkit pages,
    • Parent Guide with Extra Practice pages,
    • ETools/Videos, 
    • Spanish Table of Contents,
    • Spanish Toolkit pages, and
    • Spanish Parent Guide with Extra Practice pages,

    please visit the CPM website by clicking here.


    For more information about West Ada School District's use of CPM in middle school math, access to the student eBook at home, and how to help your student at home, please visit West Ada's Middle School Math Help webiste by clicking here.