• magical book Join Lectio Clava- our WCE GT Center Book Club!

    What it is:  A group of readers who enjoy reading and discussing challenging and/or interesting books with complex characters and storylines worth analyzing.

    What we do:   We read the "Book of the Month" at home, and fill out the "I read that book!" form on this web page.  Then, we meet once a month (or every two months, depending on the book) at school to discuss our thoughts about the book.

    When we meet:  Lectio Clava currently meets ONLINE, on Thursdays!  3rd Grade will meet at 10:00, 4th grade at 10:30, and 5th grade at 11:00!  All students who have filled out the form will be invited on Teams!

    Who can join:  Any Willow Creek GT student in grades 3-5, AND any 3-5 Willow Creek student who LOVES to read and discuss books.  (Just keep in mind, you may not get to be there for the book discussion if your recess doesn't align.)

    Where do we meet:  GT Center classroom

    Who facilitates this:  Mrs. Geary and/or Mrs. Sprengel

    How do I join?!  Read the book of the month and fill in the "I read that book!" form.  Mrs. Geary will be notified, and put you on the Book Club name board!  After you have attended 4 meetings and read and filled out forms for 4 books, you will be an "Official" Lectio Clava member!