• Welcome to Math Prep!  You are probably asking yourself, what is HS Math Prep 9?  This is a course that has been created for you to understand, comprehend and solidify your math knowledge in order to move on to the following math courses in the future.  This class will be very different than any other math class you have taken before.  You will determine what you accomplish, the pace of how you accomplish it and what you master.  The concepts that you will be learning include the knowledge and skills that students need in their K-12 education so that they can be successful after high school.  This year we will be focusing on discovering mathematics in all different ways.  Instead of being told what to do and how to do it, you will be discovering and exploring individually as well as together to figure out different ways to solve problems and understand the concepts.


    The purpose of this course is to prepare you for Math 1 next year!  During this course, you can expect to expand your mathematical horizons through discovery and exploration.  It is my job to be energetic and positive about the day’s learning’s and I will strive to make sure each student enjoys class each day.  I believe that all students are capable of learning with positive encouragement; therefore we will work towards solid understanding, improvement and productive learning.