Math One

First Semester Final

  • Information about the first semester final

    • Multiple choice
    • 58 questions
    • 15% of your final grade
    • Covers Chapter 1-4 and 9
    • Scantron test so you MUST have a pencil
    • Half sheet of notes allowed (Please cut a piece of paper in half you can use both sides)
    • Schedule
      • Tuesday, January 14th: 3A
      • Wednesday, January 15th: 3B
      • Thursday, January 16th: 1A and 2A
      • Friday, January 17th: 1B

Chapter Four

  • Need extra help on Chapter 4?

    Look for what you are struggling with and/or watch all the videos and complete all the practice through this link

    Khan academy practice

    This will give you immediate feedback on your work as well as helpful hints!!

    - Ms. Herman

Chapter Three

Chapter Two

Chapter One

Chapter Nine