2019-20 WASD Bids

  • Back to Purchasing Home Page PERSONAL PROPERTY bids request the supply of goods and/or services to be used by various departments in the district. Notice of these bid opportunities are published in the local newspaper and information concerning these bids is listed at the district website.
    PUBLIC WORKS bids are those which entail construction, maintenance, and repair of real property. Information concerning these bids is listed at the district website. Plans, specifications, and submittal documents may be obtained from the architect or construction manager. Plans, specifications, and submittal documents are also available for inspection at various plan rooms as listed in the Advertisement for Bids.
  • For additional information regarding bids, you may contact  the district purchasing department by: 
    phone: 208-350-5038, fax:208-350-5958, or by Email at Purchasing@westada.org
  • Current Bid Requests:


  • Expired Bid Requests:

017702 Centennial High School Facility Upgrades

017701 LSMS Bathroom Remodel

017601 Mountain View HS Tennis Court Replacement

017402 Playground Rehabilitation at Chief Joseph Elementary

017403 RFQ Professional Engineering

017404 RFQ Construction Materials Testing & Special Inspections

016901 Disposal of CTE Auto Lift

Bid 013401 Auxiliary Gym Floors Centennial HS

Bid 014601 Rocky Mountain HS New Synthetic Running Track Surface

RFQ 013301 Architectural Services for Meridian Middle Cafeteria Remodel/Expansion

Bid 012101 Centennial HS ReRoof

Bid 010501 Dishwasher Replacement at Centennial High School

Bid 010502 DSC HVAC Server Room

Bid 010302 Paper Goods

Bid 010301 Prime Vendor


Bid 009901 Sale of Portable Classrooms

RFQ 007902 Architectural Services for Lowell Scott MS Renovations

RFQ 007901 Architectural Services for Centennial HS Renovations

RFQ 007701 General Architectural Services

Bid 004501 New Classroom Building at Mary McPherson Elementary

RFQ 007002 Materials Testing Blue Valley

RFQ 007001 Materials Testing IFAA

Bid 004801 CHS Parking Lot Rehabilitation

Bid 005801 Owyhee High School Re-Bids

Bid 004802 Lake Hazel Middle School New Irrigation Well

Bid 006001 Relocation of Portable Classroom

Bid 003901 Relocation of Portable Classroom

RFP 004403 UPS Replacement

RFP 004402 Network Switches

RFP 004401 Wireless Access Points

Bid 006301 Centennial HS Fieldwork

Bid 003401 Meridian Medical Arts Addition

RFP 001701 WAN

RFP 001301 WAN

RFQ 001601 Construction Materials Testing & Special Inspections

Bid 000901 Surplus Dairy Equipment

Bid 934401 Propane

Bid 932201 Mary McPherson Elementary Gravity Irrigation Project


931601 Sale of Modular Classroom

RFQ 930401 Mechanical Engineering Services

RFQ 929501 Facility Commissioning Services

Bid 928801 On-Site Roadway Work @ Owyhee High School

RFQ 928101 New Elementary Architectural Services

Bid 923101 Centennial HS Artificial Turf

Bid 915501 Lewis & Clark MS Re-Roof