Steps for Accessing Fast Forward Funds

  • Steps for accessing Fast Forward Funds

    Registering for Fast Forward funds, concurrent credit, and AP Exams are three separate actions. This is the student's responsibility, and they must complete all parts to access Fast Forward Funds to cover the costs and earn credit.   

    Step 1: Complete the Fast Forward Participation Form

    • Login to PowerSchool parent portal, under the "Update Student Information" section.  
    • Fill out and submit the form in PowerSchool
    • This can only be done under the parent login not the student login
    • This step only needs to be completed one time in a student's high school career. 

    Step 2: Create a student account on the State Department of Education website using your student email address (this only needs to be done once)

    Step 3: Login to your email account and verify your Advanced Opportunities account 

    Step 4: Sign into State Department Fast Forward account and apply for funds for each concurrent credit class and/or AP exam.

    Step 5: Register for credit with the college/university OR request exam through College Board.

    • Students submit their concurrent enrollment paperwork directly to the teacher or complete the online registration process for the course. Please contact individual concurrent credit teachers for assistance with this step.

    *Just because your class has a concurrent credit option, does not mean that you have to sign up. Taking it for college credit is a committment that means the grade you get in the class is the final grade on a college transcript. If you're not strong in the subject content or are wary about the ability to perform. Talk to your teacher or career counselor and decide together if this is the right option for you. Using Fast Forward funds and failing means a freeze on future use of funds.*