Fast Forward FAQ

  • 1. How do I know if my account was approved?

    • You should receive an email indicating your account was approved.
    • You can also log into the portal at any time.
    • If request funding is an option after you log in, your account has been approved.

    2. My account was declined what now?

    • Log into the advanced opportunities portal and click on view profile to edit any mistakes.
    • Edit any mistakes in your information.
    • Double check that you entered your full first name and last name (as it appears in PowerSchool).
    • Double check that your date of birth matches PowerSchool.
    • You can only have one Fast Forward account.
    • If another account has already been created in your name a second account cannot be approved.

    3. When do I request Fast Forward funds?

    • Fast Forward funds have to be requested the same semester you register for the course or exam.
    • Fall requests include all fall single semester concurrent credit (CC) classes, yearlong concurrent credit courses through all colleges with the exception of CWI, IB exams, and CNA exams for fall semester CNA students.
    • Spring requests include yearlong CC courses through CWI, spring semester CC courses, AP exams, and all other CTE exams.
    • There will be new Fast Forward deadlines for each semester.

    4. How do I know what classes/Exams I have submitted?

    • Log into the advanced opportunities portal and click on previous course or exam applications.
    • This will allow you to see any requests you have made as well as any that have been made on your behalf.
    • As long as a course or exam does not say denied your request is still moving forward.

    5. My Course request was denied, why and what do I do?

    • If you requested an incorrect course (such as ENGL 101 instead of ENGL 175), please request funding for the correct course.
    • If you requested through the incorrect school (such as CHS instead of Ada Professional Technical Cntr), please request funding for the correct school.
    • If you requested the same course more than once the duplicate requests will be denied.
    • If you did not register with the College/University to take the course your fast forward request will be denied.
    • Always check your requests to see if anything was done incorrectly (duplicate, wrong school, etc.). Make sure you are enrolled with the College/University. If you are still unsure after checking these things, speak with the Career Counselor.

    6. How do I know how much money I have left?

    • Log into the advanced opportunities portal and click on program enrollment status.
    • This will allow you to see your remaining funds excluding any pending requests.

    7. Who do I see if I am having trouble with my Fast Forward Account?

    • See your Career and College Counselor or email the West Ada Advanced Opportunities Coordinator if you have followed all the portal instructions and are still having difficulty.

    8. Who do I see if I am having trouble with my College Registration?

    • Your Concurrent Credit Teacher or the College/University.

    9. How do I know if I have done everything?

    • See step four (4) above to check to see if you have completed Fast Forward requests for all your courses.
    • To check to see if your college course registration is complete log into the college’s individual enrollment system or contact the concurrent credit teacher to have them check their roster.