Sophomore Summer Checklist

  • Sign up for Advanced Opportunities

    Chances are, you will be taking concurrent credit and/or AP courses within the next two years. Do you know that Advanced Opportunities will pay for the courses and exams?

    • If you haven’t already, go to http://advancedopportunties and create an account. Remember to check your email and verify the account! That’s the only way I will know you created an account. I will then approve it and you will be ready to apply for funding in the fall after one additional important step...
    • Ask your parent to complete the permission form in PowerSchool Parent. No funding request can be approved without a signed permission form in PowerSchool Parent. The permission form can be found under “forms” and only has to be completed one time.

    Review your PSAT scores

    • Go to the College Board website and type “understanding PSAT scores” in the search bar. Set a goal for what you would like to achieve on the SAT or ACT next year and start taking practice tests.

    Consider volunteering this summer or getting a job.

    • Many private scholarships require hours spent in extracurricular activities or in the workplace.