• Graded Assignments

    14 points: Taxonomy Research Poster

    28 points: Invertebrate Practical Exam

    28 points: Final Dissections

    Misc. Quizzes when needed: 3-5 points

    Given that this is a 9-week elective and student never fail to exceed my expectations, there are very few graded assignments since they are always on top of their game.


    Weekly Productivity Check

    3 = Productive most/all of the time, no concerns re: behavior/time management

    2 = Somewhat productive, some concerns noted re: behavior/time management

    1 = Considerably unproductive, major concerns re: behavior/time management

    0 = Off-task, unable to demonstrate any progress

    Students will receive a weekly "grade" that is a reflection of classroom behaviors, time management, being on task, etc. Everyone starts with a 3, if there is reason for me to drop their score to a 2, then I will include a note for student and parent to understand my reasons. If the same behavior continues for 3 weeks, then I will email parents/guardians to discuss and share what is happening in the classroom.