• Day 1: October 15 and 16 -The students will be introduced to the concept of groups and group concepts within sociology. The students will be able to distinguish between formal and informal groups.

    Journal 1– Are cliques present at Rocky Mountain High School? Do you think cliques have enhanced or detracted from your high school experience? Describe your personal experience with cliques.

    • The Curse of Cliques Class Reading
    • Social GroupsCrash Course
    • Cafeteria Tribes Video Clip
    • Groups and Organizations Notes

    Day 2: October 17 and 18 - The students will be introduced to the concepts of deviance and social control. They will understand and define deviance and identify how social control is implemented in society.

    Journal 2 – What is your definition of deviance? Do you practice deviant behavior? What are a few examples of deviance? Can deviance be positive? Does Corporal Punishment Work? Why or Why Not?

    • Corporal Punishment Article
    • Deviance Notes
    • Milgram Study  Video Clip
    • Asch Conformity ExperimentVideo Clip

    Day 3: October 21 and 22 – The students will continue to examine the concepts of deviance and social control. They will define deviance and realize how social control impacts society.

    Journal 3: Do prisons rehabilitate criminals? What are alternatives to prison? Do prisons or alternatives work?

    • Stanford Prison Experiment – Video Clip
    • Crime and Social ControlNotes
    • I Know, I Know, I KnowUnit Review

    Day 4: October 23 and 24 – The students will complete their study and exploration of groups, deviance, and social control. They will demonstrate proficiency on a test covering concepts from all three areas.

    Journal 4 – Why do we use capital punishment, also known as the death penalty? Does it work? Do you agree or disagree with capital punishment? Why or why not?

    • Unit 3 – Test
    • Four Journals – Due Today
    • Breakfast Club Packet
    • Breakfast Club – Video Clip

    Day 5: October 28 and 29 – The students will complete their study and exploration of groups, deviance, and social control with a review of the film Breakfast Club. They will be able to identify a character from the film that best represents them and express how he or she best reflects identifies with them.

    • Breakfast ClubVideo Clip
    • Breakfast Club Reflection – Questions
    1. Do you personally identify with one of the characters in the movie? Why or why not?
    2. Were your parents would like any of the characters when they were in high school? Who and why?
    3. How is the culture different in high school today?
    4. What messages about society, cultures, and groups do you take away from this movie?
    5. How does the film reflect society and schools then and now?
    6. The movie was released in 1985. Do you feel it’s still a good reflection of high schools today? Why or why not?