• Typing Club School Edition is for our students in grades 2-5. In addition to having fun earning badges, the best part of Typing Club is that students can login at home and practice their keyboarding skills. Encourage your student to start with his/her fingers in their Home Row positions, and to type using all 10 fingers. As I tell the students, "No chicken pecking!" The benefits of lots of practice will extend into middle school and beyond.

    We have a competition in our classes. Top students join the 'Frequent Flyer Typing Club'. The top three students in each grade in Lessons completed and WPM (words per minute) are posted each month based on their typing test scores and practice.

    1. Access Typing Club

    2. Select the Clever icon

    3. Select "Log in with Active Directory." Your student (grades 2-5 only) will need to sign in as follows:

    username@westada.org and their password, though some students are still working on memorizing these.

    4. Select "Typing Club".

    5. Once signed in, they will be practicing in Typing Jungle, they should know what to do. (Click Start and then select the lesson after the one they finished last.)


    If you have any questions, feel free to email me at chapman.audrey@westada.org.