EL Enrollment

  • Enrollment for EL Students

    All students who speak a language other than English must be referred to our district's EL Intake Specialists before they are enrolled in a West Ada school. Our EL Intake Specialists work out of the district office, which is located at 1303 E. Central Dr., Meridian, Id. 83642. Once a student is identified as having a language other than English, the specialist gives the student an English language proficiency test to determine the student's English level. If the student qualifies for additional English services, the specialist will discuss options of service with the parent or guardian. The following are additional supports a specialist will discuss at the time of testing and registration.

    • Consultation on services for children
    • The school of choice for service
    • Additional resources available for students learning English
    • Additional resources for parents learning English
    • Parent support classes and groups
    • Providing help with transportation if needed
    • Providing help with on-line registration if needed