Access 2.0 annual language assessment

  • The purpose of the Access 2.0 assessment

    The Access 2.0 is an annual proficiency test required by Federal and State governments to measure students Academic English in four language domains: Listening, Speaking Reading and Writing.  Educatiors use ACCESS results, along with other WIDA resources to make decisions about students' English academic language and to facilitate their language development.

    The content of the assessments aligns with the five WIDA English Language Development (ELD) Standards:

    • Social & Instructional Language
    • Language of Language Arts
    • Language of Mathematics
    • Language of Science
    • Language of Social Studies
  • Writing Benchmarks

    Students in an English Language Development class will take two writing benchmarks a year to determine specific growth within their class from fall to spring. The writing benchmarks are scored using the WIDA writing rubric.