• Grading Practices (How to read PowerSchool)

    -You will see 2 Progress Checks for each big concept.  This means that each student will be assessed on each topic AT LEAST twice, maybe more if I think they need it.  

    -You can think of the first Progress Check of a target as a practice, or as a way that students can identify topics that they already know versus ones they will need extra support on. 

    -After more practice, there will be a second Progress Check on that topic. I will always take the second grade and exempt the first one. 

    *If a student does not like their second progress check grade, they are welcome to retake it as long as their homework is turned in for that section.


    If I could get rid of letter grades and percentages in the grade book, I would!  I am grading each concept on 4 learning levels.  The scale looks something like this:


    I did not attempt this problem


    I cannot do this by myself because I do not understand it YET.


    Sometimes I need help, but I am starting to understand.


    I can do this by myself but make little mistakes.


    I can do this without mistakes and can teach someone else this concept.


    DO NOT THINK OF A LEVEL 3 as a 75%, IT IS NOT.  A 3 is our target- it's where I want all students at on each topic by the end of each semester.  A level is 4 is above and beyond that. Again, if I could just put a 1,2,3 or 4 in the grade book, I would, but we're not grading out of 4 points, but on 4 levels. Since our district grade book does not accomodate the levels the district Instruction and Curriculum staff have put together this conversion scale:

    Image preview


    *If your student is below 3 on all topics- they are struggling in math class overall and likely need individual help either with their academics, behavior, or both. 

    *If your student has mostly level 3's or 4's, and a couple topics below that, they are likely paying attention in class and trying hard, but had a misconception along the way.

    -A great at-home resource for extra practice is Khan Academy, or they can come into after school math help. It runs on Tuesday's and Wednesday's till 4:10.