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Week of: Feb. 17th-21th



      Weekly Small Group Zearn Lessons – Mission 5  Lessons 12-15






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    Dear family,   

    I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. Thank you all for contributing to the Valentines Party. It was much appreciated.  

    This month, in recognition of Black History Month, our classroom is researching and writing biographies on an influential/historical African American.  All research will be done in the classroom. This week we will be starting our visit draft.  

    This week we are continuing our unit on fractions by learning how to compare them.  This unit contains a lot of information and it moves very quickly.  To help your child be successful with the material, please encourage them to log on to Zearn each night.  This will give them the extra practice that they need to solidify the new concepts. 

     Over the last month of school, the 4th grade classes have been experiencing an unfortunate rise in disrespectful behavior.  This has not been exclusive to the classrooms but, has been happening in the lunchroom, at specials, and out on the playground.  I would really appreciate your help in discussing these issues/matters with your student.  


                 Upcoming Ponderosa/PTA Events

    • February 27-District Art Forms and art are due
    • February 28- No school for Teacher collaboration
    • March 6-District Speed Jump Competition
    • March 13-Roaring Springs Reading Logs Due


    • Thank you for all that you do!

      As always if you have any questions or concerns please feel free to e-mail me or phone at the number below.


      thornton.tammy@westada.org or 208-855-4040 ex 1123 

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