• Changes in the Grading System

    From here on out (Unit 3 - 11/1/19) My English 9 classroom will be converting back to the traditional grading system. The district is reworking the Standards-Referenced Grading system, we don't know how long it will be until they have it solidified so at least for the rest of the year we will be using the original system of grading. 

    A - 90-100%

    B - 80-89%

    C - 70-79%

    D - 60-69%

    F - 0-59%


    Late Work

    As district policy, students are allowed two days per absence to make up work for full credit. Assignments that were due the day of absences must be turned in as soon as the student returns to class. Tests will be made up the following day after the student returns. There are trays in the front of the room that has everything the student missed for the day.  Students are also encouraged to communicate with me about missing documents if there are any questions.  It is the students’ responsibility to get all missing work and ask any clarification during class or intervention times. All PowerPoints and notes should be listed on my website. Late work will be accepted up to five days before the end of the unit and can receive up to 60% credit.


    Reassessment Contracts

    Students will still have to opportunity to reassess each quiz and test once. The reassessment contracts will remain as they are so students can meet with me and get help on what they're struggling on. However, if a student does not fill out a reassessment contract within ONE WEEK of receiving their grade then it will be too late to retake.


    Here is a new syllabus outlining all the details that will be expected of everyone for the upcoming year.