• Music Academys and the Teachers who teach there.


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    Why choose a music academy? It is often very convenient if you have multiple musicians since you can schedule lessons at the same time, or close together. They are also often located in music stores, so picking up books and accessories is a breeze! Some academys also have a dedicated recital space, which means you don't need to travel to a different location for the performance!


    Harmony Ranch

    Our mission: To teach, motivate and encourage students to understand, enjoy and love the richness and excitement of making music!

    Piano, Vocal, Guitar, Ukulele, Violin, Bass, and Drums


    Idaho Music Academy

    Idaho Music Academy has functioned as a registered business in the city of Boise since 2004 and provides private and group teaching of piano, violin, viola, cello, guitar, trumpet, drums, voice, music theory, composition and general music appreciation for all ages, from preschool through adult. Summer music camps are available as well as recital facilities. 


    Dunkley Music

    The Dunkley School of Music is home to ten state-of-the-art teaching studios. Our outstanding professional faculty is at the forefront of teaching a wide variety of band and orchestra instruments, piano, and guitar (see links to faculty bios below). Students receive special discounts and exciting performance opportunities in the Dunkley Music Recital Hall. We have something for everyone: individual private lessons from beginning through advanced, Suzuki piano lessons, group classes, and a wide range of master classes.

    Piano, Violin/Viola/Cello/Bass, Guitar/Bass/Ukulele, Saxophone/Flute/Clarinet, Percussion


    Telford and Sons

    Help to maximize your child's potential learning the instrument, builds their confidence giving them instant feedback, and sets them up for success. Children learn how to practice correctly and productively, and are much more likely to stay motivated, with the help of a private instructor. 

    Violin, Viola and Piano


    Treasure Valley Music Teacher Association

    Teachers belonging to MTNA have a commitment to respect the personal integrity, the privacy, and the choices of students and families. The teacher also respects the student's right to try to obtain instruction from the teacher of his/her choice. This site contains a list of local music teachers and their contact information as well as tips for parents to help their students succeed.


    Idaho Music Teachers Association Boise State Chapter

    Taught by BSU music students for band, orchestra, piano and voice

    Contact: brookemickelson@u.boisestate.edu