Instructing with Intention:

  • Instructing with Intention:

    According to the authors of Intentional and Targeted Teaching,  Instructing with Intention involves a gradual release of responsibility implemented in four phases: 

    1. Focused Instruction pg. 81:  The teacher establishes the learning intention.  The teacher uses modeling and demonstrating . 
    2. Guided Instruction pg. 81, pg. 96:  The teacher uses questions, prompts and cues to scaffold student learning.  Teachers notices student needs and adjust instructional accordingly.   
    3. Collaborative Learning pg.82, pg. 102:  Students work with peers to understand the content.  Benefits include academic achievement, responsiveness to peers' needs and transfer of learning. Pg. 102.  Collaborative learning requires establishing routines, an ability to construct sufficiently complex tasks, and provision of language supports to facilitate discourse and production. 
    4. Independent Learning pg. 82:  Students practice and apply what they have learned