• Hiragana Spelling Guide

    This is the handout detailing the different little spelling tricks that hiragana can do, like double consonants, ten-tens, blended (contraction) sounds, etc.

    hiragana karuta


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  • Hiragana Quizlet


    Click here to practice Hiragana for the upcoming exam!  Whee!!!


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  • Hiragana Game Site

    Click here for a page with multiple links to hiragana-learning games.

    hiragana games

    Click here for a useful hiragana app

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  • Spelling with small ya, yu, yo!!!

    Here are some videos further explaining spelling"contraction"  or "blend" sounds with small ya, you, and yo.

    video 1

    video 2

    video 3

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  • Hiragana Practice

    First Hiragana:  ni, ho, n, ko, go, a

     Here is a copy of the drill sheets for the first group of hiragana : a, ni, ho, n, ko, go, (あ、に、ほ、ん、こ、ご) and (BONUS!!!) the kanji for Japanese language (日本語).

    You can turn in extra copies for extra credit-  just be sure to write "extra credit" by your name.

    Click below for stroke animation and other information about the charactrers:

    Hiragana NI

    Hiragana HO

    Hiragana N

    Hiragana KA

    Hiragana A


    Hiragana: na, ta, no, ka, ra


    YAY!!!  Here's hiragana drill 2 which adds な、た、の、か、ら(na, ta, no, ka, ra) to our base.

    click here for the drill sheet.  If you turn in an extra for extra credit, be sure you write "extra credit " on the top near your name.

    Click on the following for stroke-order animation and other information.

    Hiragana NA

    Hiragana TA

    Hiragana NO

    Hiragana KA

    Hiragana RA

    YAY!!!: wa, e, shi, ma, ha


    Here they are- the new characters you've been waiting for: わ、え、し、ま、は!!!

    Don't forget- when writing PARTICLE wa, you will spell it with hiragana HA.  Click here for the video explaining that.

    the drill sheet is here if you need to download it either because the dog ate yours or because you want to do an extra for extra credit (if the latter is true, be sure to write "extra credit" by your name).

    Click on these for animations of stroke order:

    Hiragana WA

    Hiragana E

    Hiragana SHI

    Hiragana MA

    Hiragana HA


    Hiragana: ku, sa, he, nu, so, re, te


    Here is the drill sheet for learning hiragana ku sa he nu so etc.

    and information and stroke order for each of them:









    HIRAGANA!   ki, su, yo, wo, to, mi, se, i

    Here is the drill sheet handed out in class.

    Here are the wiki's for each that have stroke order animation-









    New Hiragana  yu, u, ro, mo, ne       



    Click here for another copy of the drill excersize.


    Click on  these for stroke-order animations and other information:

    ゆ  YU

    う   U




    New Hiragana O, KE, RU, CHI, TSU


    Click here for the practice drill sheet for these exciting new hiragana!

    Click on the following for stroke order animations and information about each character:

    Hiragana お

    Hiragana け

    Hiragana る

    Hiragana ち

    Hiragana つ



    Here is the drill sheet for those last hiragana. click on this: ひ、ふ、む、め、や、り

    Click on the symbols below for the stroke-order animation sites for each character

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    It's time to start learning katakana!

    Here is a smiley-faced chart to keep track of them with.

    Here is the drill-sheet for the first 5,  A-O アイウエオ

    Here is the KA-KO drill sheet.カキクケコ

    Here is the SA-SO drill sheet. サシスセソ

    Here is the TA-TO drill sheet タチツテト

    Here is the NA-NO drill sheetナ二ヌネノ

    Here is the HA-HO and MA-MOハヒフヘホマミムメモ

    Here is YA-Nヤユヨワヲン


    Click on the chart for a katakana study aid.

    Kana chart

    If you need extra credit, or the dog eats the one I gave you and you need to print a new one or two. Click on the graffic for a kana cheat-sheet.

    Image result for katakana ka


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