• Ice makes a wonderful instrument!

     Ice Druming on Lake Baikal, Siberia.

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    How did they do that? Here's an article that tells us more about the lake and the ice. Ice Block Band


    Take a block of ice, shape it into different sizes and you can have a pagophone (Ice instrument)\

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    So what happens if we start shaping the ice, like we would wood or metal? Add some electronic componants, maybe some Then you can have an Ice Orchestra!

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    For more pictures and information about how these instruments are made, check out classicfm's webpage.


    Ice makes tons of cool sounds. Some of which you can make yourself on a winter day, like skipping a rock against a frozen pond. Which sounds like the "pew pew" blaster noise from Star Wars!

    Here's a video explaining why this happens!

    What Makes Frozen Lakes Sing?

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