• Class Description:  This semester course is designed to give students a comprehensive study of geographical perspectives throughout the Eastern World.  Emphasis will be placed on an introduction to geographic skills, and the study of how physical geography, history, government, culture and economics within a region impact those living in that region and people throughout the world.  Specific areas of study will include: Middle East, Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe, and Russia. 

    Grading – traditional percentage system, weighted as follows:





    Current Events (2)








    • Assignments given that pertain to the Unit we are currently in are due by the day of that Unit Test.
    • Current Events are a quarterly assignment and will not be accepted after the final quarter date.
    • Please understand that there will be professional discretion used on a continual basis. Students should communicate with me if they are struggling.
    • For your information, when an assignment is not turned in, I will place a zero and a missing indicator in Power school. Once the deadline is passed, that missing indicator will be removed and the zero will remain.


    SUMMATIVE ASSESSMENT MAKE-UP AND CORRECTIONS POLICY: Students must come in during MAV time within one week from the test grade entry.  The students may also complete test corrections on unit tests to earn up to half of their missed points.