• The supplemental levy was approved by voters on August 25, 2020. 


    52.7% of votes cast were in favor, 47.3% were against


    A sincere thanks goes out to all who participated in voting.

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Proposal to Renew Supplemental Levy at Current Funding Level

  • The West Ada School District is proposing renewing its existing supplemental levy at the current amount, which is $14 million per year for each of the next two years. The funding from the supplemental levy is used for the school district's general operations. In the West Ada School District, like most school districts, the majority of funding from both the state and from voter-approved supplemental levies goes to the cost of staff salaries and benefits. This reason for this is school districts are a service industry, which delivers educational services to students by staff that largely work in school sites.  

    In West Ada, about 85 percent of the school district's cost are staff salary and benefits. The supplemental levy is 5 percent of the general funding of the West Ada School District. The revenue provided through the current supplemental goes to fund the operational costs that support the district's current programs, school days, and teacher to student ratios. If the community votes to renew the supplemental levy for two more years, the revenue from the supplemental levy will fund the current levels of operation. If the community votes to not renew the current supplemental levy, West Ada will make adjustments in its budget to account for the reduced funding.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a supplemental levy?

    A supplemental levy is a levy allowed under Idaho Code that permits school districts to ask voters to provide additional funding for any school district operational cost. The revenue can be used for any expenditure that is allowable under Idaho Code. Currently, most school districts in Idaho use supplemental levy revenue for operational costs like salaries and benefits.


    What will the renewed levy be used for?  

    The supplemental would be used to maintain the current number of school days and the current level of staffing. The proposed supplemental is not an increase in funding. The supplemental levy proposes to continue the current level of local operating revenue.


    What is the percentage threshold in a supplemental levy election?

    Supplemental levies require a 50 percent plus one vote to be approved or a 50 percent minus one to be rejected by the voters.


    What is the history of supplemental levies in the West Ada School District?

    The West Ada School District first ran supplemental levies in the 1980s. The district stopped running supplemental levies in 1988, and then proposed a supplemental levy in 2005. This supplemental levy was used to hire more teachers than are funded by the state. However, during the recession, the revenue from the supplemental levy was used to support the general operations of the district as available funding from the state decreased.


    Date, Amount Requested and Percentage of Votes in Favor (Supplemental levies require a 50 percent plus one vote to be approved):

    05/25/1985 - $771,000 - 56.9%

    02/26/1985 - $850,000 - 59%

    03/04/1986 - $892,500 - 51.44%

    06/02/1987 - $892,500 - 48%

    05/17/1988 - $401,377 - 54.71% 

    05/17/2005 - $5,000,000 - 80.56%

    05/15/2007 - $10,000,000 - 61.56%

    03/03/2009 - $10,000,000 - 73.87%

    05/17/2011 - $18,500,000 - 43.3%

    03/13/2012 - $14,000,000 - 53.69%

    03/11/2014 - $14,000,000 - 60.15%

    11/03/2015 - $14,000,000 - 59.33%

    03/13/2018 - $14,000,000 - 68.8%

    06/02/2020 - $14,000,000 - 46.3%

    8/25/2020 - $14,000,000 - 52.7%