• Cultivating a Learning Climate

    • Cultivating a Learning Climate:

      According to the authors of Intentional and Targeted Teaching, Cultivating a Learning Climate  captures two essential truths:  A positive classroom climate requires careful preparation and that kind of classroom climate requires regular tending.  Cultivating a Learning Climate consists of many factors: 

      Welcoming pg. 47:  Involves positive regard (a teachers ability to build and establish a positive relationship with his/her students),  physical environment pg. 51 (the teacher's intentions for providing a safe, orderly, and welcoming space for learning), and community building pg. 47(the teacher develops relationships inside the classroom and with each child's family.) 

      Growth Producing pg. 60:  Involves building agency and identify, meaning actions are taken to help students be aware of how they are growing personally and academically.  It also involves encouraging academic risk taking by helping students learn to experiment and to fall forward into new learning.  The final factor in this component is repairs harm, which is when teachers help students learn ways to resolve disputes and work to preserve the classroom community.   

      Efficient pg.  73:  Involves teachers establishing rules, routines and procedures to make sure the classroom runs efficiently.  Efficiency also involves record keeping enables teachers to collect and organize student data.