• West Ada Mission, Vision, Values & Goals

    • Mission: Preparing Today’s Students for Tomorrow’s Challenges  

      Vision: We envision a school district where every student is inspired to learn and empowered to excel; where all students achieve at high levels in reading, writing, and mathematics across all grade levels and all subject areas. We envision a school district where every student attains the skills and the knowledge necessary to succeed after graduation; a school district where every employee elevates the teaching profession. 

      Values/Beliefs:  Children are our community’s most valuable asset. •A relevant, meaningful, rigorous curriculum should guide instruction to ensure all students show measurable progress and reach their optimum potential. •Students, parents, teachers, and the community are partners in the education process. •Education should reinforce work ethics and character development. •Everyone in the school community deserves dignity and respect, and should be valued as an individual. •Education is an on-going process that requires continuous evaluation and responsible change. •Schools should provide a climate that is safe, clean, and inviting 

      Goal Areas:    

      Family, Staff and Community Engagement  

      West Ada School District believes the relationship between our schools, our staff, our parents and community stakeholders is critical to the success of all students. The school district is committed to involving families, staff and community members in regular, two-way, meaningful communication with a focus on student achievement. Beyond simply encouraging our partners to provide input, we also seek to remove barriers to parent and community understanding and encourage active, shared, decision-making.  

      Safe and Supportive Schools  

      The safety of students, parents and staff is foundational in an educational system. West Ada School District is committed to providing and maintaining safe physical, social and emotional conditions which promote a healthy learning environment through School Wide Behavior Systems and Supports (SWPBIS).  

      Academic Success  

      Career and College Success and quality instruction are at the core of the West Ada School District. Recognizing every student has a unique profile of strengths and needs, school district staff strive to help students develop the knowledge, skills, dispositions and abilities necessary to become contributing members of society. West Ada School District seeks to provide a comprehensive system of instruction which offers students numerous and varied opportunities for academic and personal success.