• Winter Concert 2019

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    Hello Lovely Students!  

    Here are the videos of our cocnert this winter at MVHS!  I am still trying to upload Beautiful Decembers, but other than that I think I got them all. This really was a great concert!  6th grade hit it out of the park this year; you all continue to impress me with your talent but also your positive attitude and "can do" spirit!  Bass Clef Choir impressed everyone with their full sound and wonderful part singing! 7th Grade Treble Clef, you ladies rocked your songs - what beautiful music you are making! And 8th Grade Treble Clef, your Ale Pun was fun and passionate (what else could we ask for?). Overall, this was a high quality performance had by all! After watching the videos again getting them uploaded here, I am once again struck at how professional, passionate, and musical you all are!  I am so honored to stand up in front with you all!

    I can't seem to acces Antiphonal Kyrie, if someone has a video of it, I would LOVE to put it up on this site. Thanks!

    Shiru L'Adonai

    Blue Christmas

    Ring A Ring A Ring

    We Wish You A Swingin Holiday

    A Candle Glowing in the Window

    Spin Spin Spin

    Ale Pun


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  • Winter Concert - 2018

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    The Winter Concert of 2018 was so special for a couple of reasons, and I smile every time I think about this concert. First of all, 2018 was the infamous year of my concussion.  Maybe I'll post all about that soon. But for now, just know that I was out all fall of 2018; the fall concert was cancelled and the students had about 7 different subs throughout a 10 week period. SO.... the Winter Cocnert was the first cocnert of the school year and we were so excited to be back and performing our music.  The second reason this concert is so dear to me is that it is the first time we performed a "department song" at the end. It ended up being the only song the students learned all of while I was gone. So we slapped it on at the end to show what the students had learned. There was a student conductor (Bretta Robinson) and a student piano player (Kim Black) who had rehearsed the song with the stduents while I was gone.  I was so proud of "my kids".  And the last reason this concert was so special? Because I had been gone for so long, the students stepped up and showed how capable they were when I let go control and allowed them to learn without me.  This concert started me actively running class with student leaders and with me more as a facilitator instead of as The Teacher.  This was a concept I had played with for years but it wasn't until this concert that I started to put this idea into practice. I am so proud of this concert and the journey this experience started!  Enjoy!

    6th Grade Choir

    Almost Christmas

    Hodie Cristus Natus Est


    7th Grade Choir

    A la Media Noche



    8th Grade Choir



    Department Song

    When I Close My Eyes

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  • Accentuate the Positive (Winter 2019)

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    Accentuate the Positive (Winter 2019)

    This was such a fun song to do as a department! I enjoyed everyone learning it class by class; the enjoyment everyone had when practicing this song was contageous! The smiles on everyone's faces and the movement that formed gave the classroom such a fun energy!  And then when we put it all together the students seemed to light up and feel the power of music bringing people together. As a little bonus, I'm attaching an additional video. We performed this song again at the Mountain View High School Winter Concert. A few 7th and 8th graders volunteered to sing at the High School cocnert and we included Accentuate the Positive in our set. The back stiry here is that I didn't realize that the 6th graders (who all had the melody) weren't performing with us and our soloists couldn't join us at this cocnert either! I realized this 30 minutes before the concert and so I did the only thing I could think of and sang the missing parts.  Goodness! In my 14 years of teaching I have NEVER taken a solo at a cocnert! Never should the concert be about me and here I am having to sing in front of an audience - oh man!  So... in case you're curious, here is the video of that concert. Enjoy!  

    Accentuate the Positive with Atkinson


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