Biology Remote Learning Phase 2

  • Welcome to the Biology Remote Learning Phase 2 starting Monday, April 27th.

    *All assignments for Phase 2 can be found under Phase 2 Assignments. 

    If you still need to complete previous assignments, you can find them below in the Phase 1 section.

Phase 2 - Assignments

Phase 2 - Additional Info

  • All information below is from Phase 1

Biology Remote Learning Phase 1

  • Welcome to the Biology Remote Learning page! During Phase 1 of the West Ada Remote Learning Plan (April 13-24, 2020), every student will have the opportunity to improve their grade by reviewing and revisiting past assignments. Students are able to improve their grade by completing missed assignments and redoing assignments and/or assessments that did not meet proficiency. 

    Below you will find links to assignments and assessments from January 21-March 13, 2020, from your individual teacher.

    Office hours for communicating with teachers are Monday through Friday @ 1:00-2:30pm. IT Tech Support: 208-350-5300

    Teacher emails:,,,,

Biology - Mr. Scheffel

  • Check PowerSchool for any missing assignments from this semester that you want to complete in order to improve your grade.  Here's a list of links to most assignments that can be completed during this phase of Distance Learning.  Email me directly with any questions along the way as we figure out this new process together!

    KEY: Assignments as shown in PowerSchool Link to assignment

    Genetics Vocab - Vocal CW

    Punnett Squares - Practice Problems

    Mating Game - Redo Assignment

    Karyotype - Redo Assignment

    Pedigree - Redo Assignment

    GMO Potatoes - Article Writing Prompts

    Genetics & Heredity - Assessment

    Evolution One-Pager - Project

Biology - Mrs. Schmidt

Biology - Mr. Hills

Biology - Ms. Condon

  • Hi! I hope that this finds you well! I am using this site to put my 2nd semester assignments for those of you that wish to raise your grade.  Some assignments will link directly to the original assignment and others will link to a replacement assignment or activity for the same number of points possible.  Remember not all of you need or want to improve grades so in that case you don't need to do anything for right now.  If you have a specific question feel free to e-mail me.  I will do office hours during regular school hours and while I have meetings scheduled for the morinngs I should be available in the afternoons for immediate response (1-3pm).  If you are bored and looking for enrichment work (not graded) give me some time and I'll work to link some websites and video links and such for you.  I'll work to set up a teams class as well in the future in case the district decides to go that route.  Check your school e-mails since that's what teams links to.

    I miss you! 

    KEY: Assignment as shown in PowerSchool - Link to assignment

    Human Genetics Section Review - Human Genetics Review

    Karyotype Lab - Karyotype Lab Replacement Assignment

    Human Genetics Assessment - currently a work in progress

    Hybrid Organism - Hybrid Assignment

    SS Quiz #5 - please e-mail me if you would like to replace this assignment

    Pedigree Assignment - Pedigree Assignment

    Salamander Classification - Salamander Packet Replacement Assignment

    Taxonomy Assessment - Taxonomy Assessment Replacement Project

    Natural Variation Lab -  currently working to modify this lab

Biology - Mrs. Baugh