AP Physics Remote Learning Phase 2

  • Welcome to the AP Physics Remote Learning Phase 2 starting Monday, April 27th.

    *All assignments for Phase 2 can be found under Phase 2 Assignments. 

    If you still need to complete previous assignments, you can find them below in the Phase 1 section.

Phase 2 - Assignments

Phase 2 - Additional Info

  • Thank you for continuing this AP Physics journey with me. All tasks are posted on the remote learning page and in TEAMS. Please complete the assigned Phase 2 tasks and either email them to me or upload them to TEAMS. You can check your answers on the provided keys. If you have any questions please email me anytime at perry.bradley@westada.org.


    Mr. Perry

  • All information below is from Phase 1

AP Physics Remote Learning Phase 1

  • Assignment #1 for week of 4/13-4/17

    As your first remote learning assignment for AP Physics, I would like you to read through this chapter of information from the AP Classroom about Rotational Motion and Torque. You can also skim through the Slideshow that I usually would go through in class (attached as well). After reading, please submit a response with your notes of 5 things you learned in this reading. Try to complete this by Monday if possible. Also, use this simulation site to test the rotational inertia of different objects: https://ophysics.com/r4.html


     Assignment #2 for week of 4/20-4/24

    Hello AP Students, I have heard from most of you at this point but if you haven't emailed me or sent in an assignment please send me a message letting me know you are getting these new assignments. 

    For this assignment please use the reading from the last assignment to attempt the 39 multiple choice problems. I have attached the key for you to check your answers. 

    Keep in mind that this material is a much lower percentage of the AP Curriculum compared to Kinematics, Newton's Laws, Momentum, and Energy. After this short unit we will briefly learn about SImple Harmonic Motion and then spend at least two weeks reviewing for the AP Test. If you have questions regarding the AP Test or NNU Dual Credits, email me anytime. 

AP Physics Remote Learning Phase 1

  • Hello AP Physics Students, I welcome you to this remote learning opportunity where you can review the skills taught so far in second semester and improve your scores on any of the assignments or assessments if you desire. Remember, these improvements to your past scores will raise your high school grade but not your concurrent credit NNU grade.

    Please email me at perry.bradley@westada.org if you have any questions. 


    Mr. Perry

    If you would like to submit an assignment or assessment for regrading here are a few options:

    • Email a picure or scanned document of your work to your teacher by printing the document or
    • Email a picture of your scratch paper with work shown (no printing necessary) 

    Alert:  Since we are an AP and concurrent credit class, we will begin new content sooner than some other classes during remote learning so that we can compete the college curriculum and prepare for the AP Test on May 14th at 2pm and make sure everyone gets their college credits for this class. Please check back here weekly to see what the new material is for Physics. Email me with any questions. 


    Old Assignments by Unit:

    Momentum (Chapter 9)

    Energy (Chapter 10)

    Waves (Chapter 15)