Musical Theater Remote Learning- Phase 2

  • Welcome to the Musical Theater Remote Learning Phase 2 starting Monday, April 27th.

    *All assignments for Phase 2 can be found under Phase 2 Assignments. 

    If you still need to complete previous assignments, you can find them below in the Phase 1 section.

Phase 2- Assignments

  • Showcase Solos

    Showcase Uploads.  Since we don’t have very many people showing interest in potentially doing our showcase digitally, if you’re interested we’ll transition into showcase SOLOS!  J  Heres where you can up load a solo either for audition practice (especially with so many audition videos these days in place of live auditions) or a full solo.  You can upload as many or as few solos as you want.  :) (solo videos)

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  • Flip Grid Hello take two

    Please Click on the link to our class Flipgrid.  I think we’re going to try to still do a showcase via flipgrid videos…  So to start and to get familiar with how to use flipgrid upload a video telling the rest of the class about yourself.  I uploaded one for an example.  😊  (This shouldn’t take you more than 15ish minutes to upload). (BONUS: we’re figuring out how to use flipgrid!)


    We only had THREE people do this last week.  If we're going to attempt our showcase via flipgrid, this is how I know if you're interested.  I know grades are frozen, but this is worth staying connected.  It should not take long.  You should be able to see My example as well as Seviah, Michelle and Joseph's videos.  

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Phase 2- Additional Info

  • Welcome to the Musical Theatre Remote Learning page! During Phase 2 of the West Ada Remote Learning Plan (April 27- June 2, 2020), new material will be introduced.  Nothing will be entered into the gradebook that will lower your grade.   

    To the left you will find links to NEW assignments and assessments from your teacher.


    Teacher email:


    District Tech help: 208-350-5300


    PHASE 2

    NEW LEARNING!!!!  YAY!!!  Keeping in mind, not everyone will actively choose to participate… We’re very lucky that in theatre a) we do anything theatre related and we automatically hit like 7 of the essential standards and b) these are intended to be low stress, fun ideas because lets face it, life is stressful right now and math is hard.  So if you find yourself stressing over what I have here: stop, take a deep breath, and don’t panic.  Remember I’m just an email away and happy to help!  Remember, at this point the only thing that will go in the gradebook are things that will raise your grade.  What have you got to lose?  😊  Phase 2 should only take you 1-2 hours per WEEK per CLASS.

  • All information below is from Phase 1

Musical Theater Remote Learning- Phase 1

  • Welcome to the Musical Theater Remote Learning page! During Phase 1 of the West Ada Remote Learning Plan (April 13-24, 2020), every student will have the opportunity to improve their grade by reviewing and revisiting past assignments. Students are able to improve their grade by completing missed assignments and redoing assignments and/or assessments that did not meet proficiency.

    Below you will find links to assignments and assessments from January 21-March 13, 2020 from your teacher.



    Teacher email:


    District Tech help: 208-350-5300

Musical Theater- Ms. Mckinney

  • PHASE 1

    Below you will find list of what is in the gradebook and how you can make up that assignment remotely.  Due to the nature of so much of the class being live, participating in rehearsal/work/discussion/etc and curtain deadlines, some assignments have been altered for digital learning.


    Listening Log Newsies

    Below is a link to the blank form of the listening log.  The Live stage version of Newsies is on Disney +, if you do not have disney plus...  Here is a link to the You Tube version that you can rent  I don't want you to have to pay for anything though, so if you can't find a free bootleg... let me know and we'll figure out an alternate show for you to reflect on.  

    Listening Log- Newsies


    Tap Refresher

    Everyone recieved full points for our tap basics.  Attached is a power point page with a list of the steps.  Maybe in the weeks to come I, or WE, will create video examples of each step.  Let me know if you have questions

    Tap Basics 


    Scene Selection Discussion

    Everyone recieved full points.  Thank you for such wonderful class discussions when we discussed and chose our showcase scenes.


    Rehearsal Etiquette 1-3

    Everyone recieved full points.  I am so proud of how well everyone in this class participates to thier fullest and never gets off task when they should be rehearsing.  you all demostrate perfect rehearsal procedure and etiquette and I am so glad I get to work you guys!


    Listening Log- Funny Face

    Everyone recieved full points.  Thank you for turning in your reflections on time!