Advanced Art Remote Learning- Phase 2

  • Welcome to the Advanced Art Remote Learning Phase 2 starting Monday, April 27th.

    *All assignments for Phase 2 can be found under Phase 2 Assignments. 

    If you still need to complete previous assignments, you can find them below in the Phase 1 section.

Phase 2- Assignments

  • All information below is from Phase 1

Advanced Art year 1 & 2 Remote Learning- Phase 1

  •  Welcome to the Adv Art 1 & 2 Remote Learning page! During Phase 1 of the West Ada Remote Learning Plan (April 13-24, 2020), every student will have the opportunity to improve their grade by reviewing and revisiting past assignments. Students are able to improve their grade by completing missed assignments and redoing assignments and/or assessments that did not meet proficiency.

    Below you will find links to assignments and assessments from January 21-March 13, 2020 from your teacher.

    Teacher email address:




Adv Art 1 & 2 with Mr Ernest

  • Welcome to remote learning with Mr. Ernest! 

    Here you will be able to find the assignments/rubrics that you will need to download if you want to redo an assignment or turn in a missing assignment.  If the assignment you need is not here please email me and I will upload it within 12 hours of asking.

    Check your student email daily for any updated information!

    Tech Assistance number - 208.350.5300

    My office hours are Monday through Friday 1 pm to 2:30 via email.  If you want a face to face meeting email me and we will schedule a time using Teams.

    Stay safe and healthy.  Mr. Ernest


    You may come to the school Monday (students with last name A-M) Wednesday (studnets with last name N-Z) from 8:00-3:00 to pick up your art work and portfolios.  I will be in the room.


    Your grade has been frozen as of March 13th.  It can not go down so if it is a passing grade you do not need to do this assignment.  If you want to raise your grade you may do this assignment and turn it in by e-mail.



    All assignments listed below are due by April 26th at midnight - no exceptions


    1. Using the supplies you have at home (pencil/paper if thats all you have) create an advanced piece of art.

    2. The subject of the art work is of your own choosing as is the medium just be sure it shows your best skills.

    3. Size is up to you and what supplies you have.

    4.This will be your last advanced art assignment for the year so you have until the end of May to turn it in.  I will only use this assignment's grade to raise your current grade.

    5. Turn it in by taking a picture of the art work and a selfie with the art work (that is 2 photos) and e-mail that to my school e-mail found on the school's web site.

    6. Any questions you may have e-mail me.






  • Check back April 27th!