Intro to College Arts Remote Learning- Phase 2

  • Welcome to the Intro to College Arts Remote Learning Phase 2 starting Monday, April 27th.

    *All assignments for Phase 2 can be found under Phase 2 Assignments. 

    If you still need to complete previous assignments, you can find them below in the Phase 1 section.

Phase 2- Assignments

Phase 2- Additional Info

  • All information below is from Phase 1

Intro to College Arts Remote Learning- Phase 1

  • Welcome to the Intro to College Arts Remote Learning page! During Phase 1 of the West Ada Remote Learning Plan (April 13-24, 2020), every student will have the opportunity to improve their grade by reviewing and revisiting past assignments. Students are able to improve their grade by completing missed assignments and redoing assignments and/or assessments that did not meet proficiency.

    Below you will find links to assignments and assessments from January 21-March 13, 2020 from your teacher.

Intro to College Arts- Mrs. Smith