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  • Reading Challenges...

    Posted by Lindsay Deverall on 5/20/2020



    I was SUPER excited to participate in the LC Book Nerd Challenge.  Why?  Because I realized I was only reading a specific Genre of books.  Yes.  You guessed it.  My favorite book genre is Realistic Fiction. I am drawn to books about real life, relationships, etc.  Truthfully, I tend to stay away from books that have a map on the inside cover…I just do. 

    However, our challenge took me out of my comfort zone to experience the types of books that I wouldn’t normally choose.   


    I decided to read a book from the Fantasy Genre first. The Great and Terrible Beauty by Libba Bray.  When the main character, Gemma is five years old, her mother has a visitor.  The visitor tells her,  “your daughter is special.”  She is “One of the Order.” The visitor assures Gemma’s mother her little girl could “restore the magic of the realms and bring the order back to power.”  I was intrigued to read more....

    This book is full of Fantasy, rich details and history.  I would highly recommend it!  


    Reading a collection of short stories for the book challenge was new to me as well.  I chose The House on Mango Street by Sandra Cisneros.  Written in short vignettes, these stories are descriptive, unique and beautifully written about the lives and families that live on Mango Street.   


    Restart by Gordan Korman received the Pacific Northwest Young Reader’s Choice Award in 2019. I would also give it the most "Thought Provoking Award."  

    Imagine waking up in a hospital bed and not recognizing a single soul.  Your mom begins to look familiar... However, you are not sure why you are there.  Restart is a book about second chances.  About a person's chance to admit to his former mistakes and make amends with the people he hurt prior to his concussion.  


    Another AWESOME book: Michelle’s Obama’s Biography, Becoming.  Books about the lives of others have always inspired me.  Learning about their childhood, how they overcame hurdles in life, their education and family is very intriguing to me.  Our former first lady truly has dedicated her life to service to others through advocating healthy eating in the "Let’s Move" campaign, encouraging school gardens,  and never giving up.  This book is full of inspiration and hope.  


    Finally, another great surprise was, The Abundance of Katherine’s.  I am a big fan of John Greene’s books and I am slowly making my way through reading all of his novels.  From page one he sets a tone and voice for the story he is about to tell. As a reader you may never fill up your car with a tank of gas and pick up your best friend and drive across the country.  Greene gives you that experience.  The experience of going somewhere when you are stuck at home....  


    Not only is participating in a book challenge fun, but it gives you a great sense of accomplishment when you complete the challenge and the opportunity to read many books from different genres.  I encourage everyone to participate in a Reading Challenge!


    Mrs. Deverall’s TOP 10 books to read this Summer:  

    The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes

    by Suzanne Collins 

    Midnight Sun

    by Stephanie Meyers 

    Broken Thorne

    by Victoria Aveyard

    War Storm

    by Victoria Aveyard 


    The Rest of the Story

    by Sarah Dessen 


    Six of Crows

    by Leigh Burdugo



    by Neil Shusterman 

    Cannery Row

    by John Steinbeck  

    One of Us is Next

    by Karen M. McManus 


    Little Women

    by Louisa May Alcott  

    The Hate U Give

    by Angie Thomas 

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  • Mrs. Wilson on reading

    Posted by Sarah Wilson on 5/19/2020

    Hello Explorers! This is definitely a rainy week and I hope you are finding time to read! I am currently reading two books: Outwalkers by Fiona Shaw (checked out from our library) Outwalkers book cover and 







    The Crazy Makers: How the Food Industry is Destroying Our Brains and Harming Our Children by Carol Simontacchi (on loan from a friend).The Crazy Makers book cover







    Some confessions about reading...

    What do I do when I find myself in a reading slump?

    Truth--this happens very rarely, but I sometimes find myself too busy or too tired to find time to read. Here is how I overcome my reading slump and make reading a priority again:

    1. I will take a break from reading a current book or genre and switch gears. For example, I might be reading too much YA Fantasy and read a self-improvement book or find a historical fiction novel to mix things up.
    2. I will read when I walk on the treadmill.
    3. I will talk to friends and family about a book that they recommend.
    4. I will go to Sora and checkout an audiobook. I can listen to this while I cook, work, or run errands.
    5. I will remember why I read. I read to make myself happy and calm.

     Reading by the lake

    I am proud to say that I did complete my 20 books in 20 weeks challenge for the 2019-2020 school year. What I loved about this challenge is that it gave me some extra motivation to read and introduced me to books that I might never have read.  Two books that I would have overlooked include The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle by Avi and Love That Dog by Sharon Creech. These books were extremely enjoyable to read and were a nice change of pace from what I usually read. I would absolutely recommend taking on your own reading challenge. There is a huge variety out there--reading classics, reading different genres, or participating in a library or school book challenge. Check out Pinterest or google book challenges to find one that interests you. I will be looking for a book challenge for next year!


    Mrs. Wilson's Summer Reading List

    Plant Earth is Blue by Nicole Panteleakos

    Shadow Weaver by MarcyKate Connolly

    Resistance by Jennifer Nielsen

    Sweep: the Story of a Girl and Her Monster by Jonathan Auxier (YRC nominee)

    The Cruel Prince by Holly Black (YRC nominee)

    Five Feet Apart by Rachel Lippincott (YRC nominee)


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  • World BEE Day

    Posted by Lindsay Deverall on 5/15/2020

    Let's Celebrate the BEES




    These efficient and hard working pollinators are valuable to the ecosystem to help produce the food we eat by visiting flowers to transport pollen grains.


    Other pollinators include, birds, bats, moths, flies, beetles, wasps, and hummingbirds.


    Planting a Pollinator Garden doesn’t take a lot space Bee cause pollinators LOVE sipping nectar and collecting pollen. 


    Marigolds, garden thyme, sun flowers, wild flowers, wild petunia, poppy, dill, and bee balm are ALL great choices for your garden.


    BEE cautious. Choose plants that have not been treated with pesticides. Bees need nectar in the spring, summer and fall. So, BEE thinking of a perennial to add to your garden (perennials bloom year after year) that will bloom next spring. 


    Bee fore you plant your garden, you may want to check these out: 


    7 AMAZING Bee Facts


    How to save the Bees

    The Wyomissing Public Librarian reads the unBEElievables 







    Bee cause we all LOVE to read - you may want to check out some of these great titles on SORA or at the public library.


    The Bee Maker

    by Mobi Warren


    Kissing the Bee

    by Kathe Koja


    The Secret Life of Bees

    by Sue Monk Kidd


    Why I’m afraid of Bees

    by R.L. S tine 


    Zinnia and the Bee

    by Danielle Davis 


    The sun is setting a bit later and our days are getting warmer.  The flowers are blooming and the trees are filling in with leaves…Summer is right around the corner!  

    We have so much to BEE grateful for.


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  • Nurse Appreciation Week

    Posted by Lindsay Deverall on 5/7/2020

    School Nurse

    Putting on band aides. 

    Stopping a bloody nose.

    Holding on to an ice pack.

    Giving out a change of clothes.

    Tirelessly healing all day long,

    just to make sure, that nothing will go wrong.

    Our children are safer, because of you.

    Thank you School Nurse. 

    For all that you do.

    ~Author unknown

    Mrs. Kopping, Happy Nurse's  Week.  Thank you for your

    patience and kindness - we appreciate you! 

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  • Share your GRATITUDE

    Posted by Lindsay Deverall on 5/5/2020

    May 4-8 is Teacher Appreciation Week!

    Kindness, compassion, positivity, knowledge, creativity, leadership, and inspiration are words that come to my mind when I think of the teachers and staff at LCMS.

    While we can't be together in the traditional sense, there are many ways to express GRATITUDE for your teachers at LCMS.  


    Sharing your GRATITUDE for the people you care about not only lets them know how much you APPRECIATE them but GRATITUDE has been known to make you feel connected and happy as well.


    For example, you might send your teacher an email, a handwritten letter addressed to the school, or use to chalk to draw pictures or special messages  like these LCMS students did below to show their GRATITUDE.  

    Let your teachers know just how much you

    appreciate them!


    Teacher Appreciation


    Looking for sources of inspiration?  Read more about kindess, empathy, GRATITUDE, and compassion in the books below. 

    Titles available through SORA on our LCMS library page.



    by Palacio, R.J.


    The War that Saved My Life

    by Bradley, Kimberly Brubaker


    Ms. Bixby's Last Day

    by Anderson, John David


    El Deafo

    by Bell, Cece


    Counting By 7s

    by Sloan, Holly Goldberg


    Lost in the Sun

    by Graff, Lisa


    I hope you are enjoying the warm weather and a good book!  


    Happy Reading,

    Mrs. Deverall





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  • May the 4th be with you!

    Posted by Sarah Wilson on 5/1/2020

    Do you love Star Wars? Celebrate on May 4th with May the 4th be with you day!


    This is the Introduction to the first Star Wars movie.


    Have you seen the awesome LCMS 6th grade Space Quest video yet? I'm posting it here, but you can also view it on the 6th grade Remote Learning page.


    How big of a Star Wars fan are you? Take the Ultimate Star Wars Trivia Quiz to find out! I remember watching the first Star Wars movies. The Ewoks were my favorite characters. My sisters and I even had our mom sew Ewok costumes for Halloween! I'm sure there is a picture somewhere to prove it. Although I could never really understand R2-D2, he certainly was a sassy droid with a sense of humor and the ability to save the day when things were looking grim. Who are your favorite characters? Have you seen all of the movies?

    Star Wars Ewok

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  • Celebrate Earth Day

    Posted by Sarah Wilson on 4/22/2020

    Happy Earth day message in dirt

    Let's celebrate Earth day by doing something good for ourselves and the planet! I will try to finally get my plants in the garden today and play outside with my new puppy! 

    Puppy and adult dog laying in the sun

    What will you do? If you need some ideas, check out these links and book titles.

    NASA celebrates 50th year of Earth Day. Check out the activities, videos, lego challenge, webquests, and more.

    Exploratorium-series of videos about the history and science behind Earth day and at-home activities 

    National Ocean Service-Ten Tips to Project the Earth

    Check out books about your favorite Earth Day topic: gardening, animals, weather, science, and more!  Here is a sample of related titles to search: My Life with the Chimpanzees by Jane Goodall, Silent Spring by Rachel Carson, Lab Girl by Hope Jahren, and Square Foot Gardening with Kids by Mel Bartholomew.

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  • Crafts and Gardening

    Posted by Sarah Wilson on 4/16/2020

    This week was quite different with our kids going back to school. They are adjusting to a new schedule while we continue to work on the library website, advisory class ideas, and book orders. As we've taken short breaks to get some sunshine or take a break from screens, we've done some crafting and gardening.

    Try making homemade cards!

    Homemade flower pot cards

    Repot some small hen and chicks and creeping thyme or other small plants that have gone wild!

    Hen and Chicks with Thyme

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  • Print Ready Bookmarks

    Posted by Mrs. Deverall on 4/10/2020

    DIY Bookmark  

    Save your spots with these bookmarks that you can print yourself!

    Download and print a  DIY bookmark  featuring quotes and book titles from three of our favorite LCMS Library authors. 

    Today we are featuring examples of Fantasy, Historical Fiction and Science Fiction authors.

    Cassandra Clare, Alan Gratz, and Veronica Roth.

    Hole punch the top to customize with yarn or decorate with markers or pens.








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  • Create a Reading Journal

    Posted by Mrs. Deverall on 4/8/2020 2:00:00 PM

          Create a unique Reading Journal with repurposed materials!

    Items needed:

    -Composition Notebook 

    -Glue, tape, or Modge Podge

    -Brown Paper bags, newspaper, cardboard, magazines, drawings, doodles, inspirational handwritten quotes, cards, bits of paper, photos, pressed leaves or flowers

    -crayons, markers, paint

    -bubble wrap, stamps




    1. Gather materials




    2. Modge Podge or glue brown paperbag or newspaper to cover the front and back cover of the notebook.


    3. Layer with more paper, paint, pictures, and words.



    Reading Journal

    Every Journal will be different. So make it as unique as you.

    Happy Reading!

    Mrs. Deverall 

    Finished with your Reading Journal?

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