A Message From the Director

  • Dear Parents,

    With recent changes in CDH and WASD Board of Trustees classifications of “yellow” and “red” learning scenarios, we know that there may be questions about how this will impact IEP services for students.


    Our district will continue to honor and implement IDLP’s (Individual Distance Learning Plans) that were written in collaboration with parents at the beginning of the year.  IDLP’s were written was to provide clarity on how students would receive special education services in an environment in which general education services might be changing.  We are experiencing that now.


    Because IDLP plans were written to align to learning scenarios (remote or hybrid), we will continue to follow these definitions in IDLP implementation:

    • Regular IEP = special education services when school is in-person for general education full time (sometimes also called “green”).  
    • Yellow IDLP = special education services when school is in a hybrid or alternating day mode for general education students.   (All grades K-12 will be moving to this model beginning on 10/20/20.) 
    • Red IDLP = services when school is totally remote for general education students. (This was the scenario for the first week of the school year. ) 


    For the majority of students on IEP’s in grades 4-12, they have been receiving services on according to their yellow IDLP, and this will not change once school resumes on Tuesday, 10/20/20.  Some students in grades PK – 3 who have been attending school every day will be moving from a regular (green) IEP implementation to their Yellow IDLP on Tuesday, 10/20/20 as the district transitions to alternating-day schedules for general education in these grades.


    Please remember that IEP’s and IDLP’s can be revised as student needs change.  If you have questions or concerns about your child’s current services or IDLP, please reach out to your child’s case manager or special education supervisor.  You are also welcome to call my office any time.  I can be reached at 208-350-5034.


    Thank you for your ongoing partnership during this most unusual year. 


    Ramona Lee

    Director of Special Education

Students with Health Concerns

  • Students with Health Concerns Letter

    During this time of global pandemic, we are aware that many of the students who receive special education services have health conditions which place them at greater risk if they should contract COVID-19. Safety of students and staff continues to be our highest priority as we plan educational options for all students. To address those most at risk, the Health Services and Special Services departments have worked together to draft a letter to begin critical conversations about student needs with families and health care providers.

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Special Services Support Line: 208-855-4400 Email: DSCsped@westada.org

  • We hope your remote learning experience is going well.  We understand these are trying times for many.  This new remote system of education is exciting, but we also realize it can be taxing. 

    It is our hope that you have been able to reach your student’s teachers, support staff and or administration easily when and if you have a question, concern, or a need to process information.

    There may be times when you may need a little extra support.  Perhaps you feel overwhelmed or a bit lost. Maybe you just need some human connection to work through all the challenges of change.  For these times we have established a system to put you in direct contact with someone who can help.

    The Special Services Support Line is now up and running (Phone: 208-855-4400; Email: DSCsped@westada.org).  Our staff will connect you via email or phone within 24 hours to the staff member best able to provide you the support you are seeking.

    Thank you for all you are doing to support your student during these challenging times.  We appreciate you and hope this service provides you and your student some extra sense of security.