Fourth Grade

  • During the 2020-2021 Students kept all supplies in their backpacks and brought them back and forth to school. Including their device. Please limit supplies to one notebook, a pencil box with those choices from the supply list they will need for writing, using a whiteboard, cutting, pasting, and coloring. Supplies will remain at their desk. Either in their backpack or desk. This is a different routine and we will work it out together. If you need assistance with supplies or a backpack Star Outreach provides this service for our families.

    This information will be updated for 2021-2022 practices as soon as they are known. Most likely right as we return to school. Hopefully, materials will not need to travel. We do have tables and limited space for supplies. A pencil box with materials folders, and notebooks are the limit of what our space can handle. 

I made notes to indicate optional and needed materials for our classroom.

    • #2 pencils, sharpened (Save some to replenish mid-year)

    • watercolor paints (Currently keep at home)

    • earbuds/headphones (Use frequently)

    • crayons

    • markers

    • colored pencils

    • dry erase markers (Students Use Daily)

    • scissors

    • large pink eraser

    • glue stick

    • (2 pocket) folder (2 needed)

    • 1 - 5 subject wide-ruled notebook

    • ruler with standard and metric (Not needed)

    • wide ruled paper (Needed!!!)

    • pens (black or blue, red) (Optional)

    • highlighters (At least one)

    • recommended for all grade levels: Each individual has their own backpack, hand sanitizer, and facial tissue.