• Human Impact



    • I can explain the main issues human are creating in the ecosystem
    • I can describe specific human impact issues facing a chosen biome
    • I can propose realistic solutions to address specific environmental concerns



    As we wrap up our unit on Ecology it is important to consider the impact that humans have had in every biome on the planet.  Even areas of our planet that are not heavily inhabited have been impacted by human activity in one way or another.  This week is your chance to investigate how individual biomes have been affected by human activities while also learning about the efforts being made to repair previous damage. 

               Related video for additional information - How do Human Affect the Environment


    LESSON – Complete the following in order. 

    1. Click on and watch the Crash Course Human Impact video 

    2. While watching the video complete the Human Impact Worksheet

    3. Now choose a BIOME from last week and research the HUMAN IMPACT ISSUES in that specific ecosystem.

    4. Using the information gathered fill in the Human Impact Newsletter for your BIOME  (PDF version)

    5. Submit any completed work to Mrs Schmidt using email

    6. Then complete and submit the Second Semester Review Quiz