Fall Ready Remote Learning Targets

  • West Ada School District's goal during this Remote Learning period is to make sure all our students are ready for school next fall. 

    • Our district curriculum teams in coordination with classroom teachers have identified Fall Ready targets for English Language Arts and Mathematics, K-12. 
    • Specifically, because of the COVID-19 pandemic and our school closure; these targets are those that are the most critical for students as they move to the next grade level or course.
      • These targets are those that make the most sense for the 4th quarter of our school year instructionally and/or those which likely haven’t been mastered at this point in the school year.
    • As we move into Phase 2 of our Remote Learning Plan, the remote learning resources provided by teachers will be aligned with these Fall Ready Targets. 
    • These targets are consistent across the district; however, each building team of teachers will make necessary adjustments as needed based on individual student learning needs. 

    The district curriculum and assessment departments are working together to create assessments K-12 for English Language Arts and Math.  These assessments will be administered in the fall to identify where individual students are in terms of readiness for the new grade level or course.

Elementary Remote Learning Targets

Middle & High School Math Remote Learning Targets

Middle & High School English Remote Learning Targets

Last Modified on June 5, 2020