Social Emotional Learning

  • The ZONES of Regulation is a complete social-emotional learning curriculum, created to teach children self-regulation and emotional control. 

    Students learn about the four zones, which can be compared to traffic signs.  The Blue Zone is like a rest-area, one may feel tired or bored and need to do something to re-energize.  The Green Zone is when we are good to "GO" and ready to learn. The Yellow Zone is like a Caution sign, we may need to slow down and re-group.  The Red Zone is a STOP sign.  We may feel out of control and need to stop what we are saying or doing.  The goal is to recognize which Zone we are in (how are we feeling) and take care of our feelings so we can manage our behavior in the environment that we are in.  All of the Zones are okay as long as we can manage them appropriately!

    Tools for calming down and getting back into the GREEN Zone are displayed in every classroom.  Students will learn about these tools throughout the year.  


    The Zones of Regulation Tools