Social Emotional Learning

  • At Spalding STEM Academy we are dedicated to supporting students social and emotional needs.  Through Social Emotional Learning (SEL) we help students learn how to manage their emotions and self-regulate in times of stress and self crisis.  SEL is taught through the use of Kelso's Choices, the Zones of Regulation and Toolbox. All three of these programs combined are designed to help students be in control of their bodies, understand their emotions and make a healthy problem solving choice to resolve conflict.

    Kelso's Choices

    Kelso's Choices is a program designed to give students ideas of how to solve problems without verbal fighting or physical contact. There are 9 different ideas on Kelso's Choice Wheel and students are encouraged to try two of the choices before going to an adult for help if it is a minor problem. Students are reassured that they are smart enough and strong enough to solve small problems on their own and we practice walking through situations together to see which choice might be best for solving each situation. You can help support independence and peaceful problem solving by using the Kelso's Choice Wheel at home with your child as well.

    Zones of Regulation

    The Zones of Regulation program is designed to help students understand where they are at emotionally so they can regulate their bodies. At Spalding we are teaching students to listen to their bodies and understand what zone they are in. This is crucial to helping students understand what is needed to regulate and bring themselves back to a place where they are in control and ready to learn. Staff at Spalding teach students about the zones, help students to recognize when they are in each zone and come up with ideas of how to bring emotions back into control. You can reinforce your child's understanding of their emotions by using the Zones program at home as well.


    Toolbox is a program designed to help students regulate their emotions by using the 12 tools in their toolbox. Each of these tools can be done at any time, anywhere, to get students back into emotional control. Students learn each tool, when would be the best time to use the tool, and guided to using the tools when they are escalated or encounter a problem. This program compliments both Zones of Regulation and Kelso's choices because it gives students the action step. Toolbox helps students with what to do to calm their bodies and ideas of how to stay in control. You can reinforce your child's ability to regulate by using the tools at home as well.


    Together, these three programs help students be in control and make the best possible choices while problem solving. We believe that by teaching students these skills, and helping them practice, we are building life long positive skills for problem solving. If you would like more information about any of these programs please call the school counselor at (208)350-4305 or email