Student Support Groups

  • Student Support Groups are offered at various times during the school year. Group Sessions are generally 30 minutes, once a week, for 6-8 weeks. Groups are offered during the school day and are typically comprised of 3-6 students. Group availability is based on interest, number of referrals, and student schedules. A signed permission slip is required for a student to participate.

    Friendship Group

    • Provides friendship and socialization guidance.
    • Students learn what it means to be a good friend, how to make friends and keep them, and strategies for solving friendship conflicts. 

    Changing Families/Divorce Group

    • For students whose parents are separated or divorced, and/or re-married.
    • Allows students to share their feelings with peers who are going through similar experiences.
    • Encourages the expression of feelings and the use of coping strategies.

    Anger Management Group

    • Teaches students to express and manage their anger in healthy ways.

    Grief Group

    • Offers coping strategies and extra support to students who have recently experienced loss.


    Please contact your School Counselor if you would like to refer your child for a support group,